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Tips on packing my first tube


Tips on packing my first tube

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips for packing my first Lapdist 1.75x9 tube? I’ve been following Avocet’s guide - I generally stretch a little first, then begin pumping. I pump for 10 minutes at 5hg, milking the tube and rotating the base for a lig stretch. Then I spend 5-10 minutes jelqing and massaging. I get minimal red spots with this method.

I’m not one to rush, but I’m beginning to get a little discouraged that I’m not packing the tube, and while I don’t want to do anything dangerous and understand everyone’s penis is different, I was wondering if some of our more experienced pumpers could share a few tips. I’m interested of course, in both length and girth gains. Thanks! :)

You don’t include a startup warm-wrap in your routine description. Do you do this, or no?

And for how long have you been using the pump now?



Oh, sorry about that - yes, I use a rice sock to warm up and a shower to warm down. I’ve been pumping about 3 or 4 weeks with this tube.

I think it is time to add your 2nd pump/jelq set. Then after a week or two, add a third set. So, by mid April, you should be

pump/jelq/pump/jelq/pump/jelq, where you pump for 10 minutes and jelq for 5. When you reach this stage, you will be at or near packing.


Make sure you drink several glasses of water an hour or so before the pump session—not all at once mind you but lots of water. You might beef up the Vacuum to about 5.5 but mainly you need a little more time to start to see any more change. Don’t get discouraged and IF you can get a little generic Viagra—maybe 25mg bitten off of a 100mg tablet—may help. But in the end—it just takes time. What are your stats? Steve


Ten minutes in the tube is nothing. Especially if you’re only going 5” hg. Try going to 7” hg, and leave it on for up to 20 minutes. The lymphatic fluid will eventually find it’s way in there. And that’s all it is—lymphatic fluid, not blood. You will soon learn the fluid builds between the skin and the spongiosum, which if you ask me does nothing for you. After a while you can keep it at 8”, and maybe max out at 12”, temporarily, but you have to be careful.

I will say it again, pumping alone will not produce permanent gains. Packing the tube will do nothing for you permanently, except give you an ugly little elvis for the rest of the day. I pumped for years, using top quality equipment, and believe me, I read up and did it right. No permanent gains. I have seen much more promise since joining here, and getting into stretches, hanging, and jelqing. I will concede that I can see pumping as a helper for the other “hands-on” methods.

What gprent101 said, take it low & slow. No need to blow your dick up. Also, try applying some heat during the pump. It really helps me.


Yes, when you pump the way you suggest you do get the lymph fluid instead of blood.

To avoid this, use pressures under 6” hg and do multiple sets of 10 minutes or less with jelqing inbetween pump sets.

xaxxat, you are right. I always wrap my tube with an electric heat pad. Also alternate doing kegels and milking the tube while pumping.

Thanks guys - I’ll work on adding a second set! One small question, when I get finish with my pump and jelq routine, I normally get in a nice warm shower and use the shower massage on my penis for a minute or two. Would it be advisable to do a second set of stretches during this time, while I’m nice an plumped from my previous routine.

Guess I’d better invest in a heating pad too!

I don’t like to stretch after pumping because your grip squeezes all the blood out that you just pumped in.

Keep at Sugoi, you’ll get there. Neither Rome not a big cock were (are) built in day.

I am also new to pumping (2 weeks now)

I can tell you my experience which was I was discouraged and wanted faster results.

I started with 2 ten minute pumps with 100 Jelqs after first pump and after second pump.

I wanted faster results when I saw what I first gained, Big mistake.

I have now resolved myslef to a slow gain. Don’t go longer and don’t go higher, use Avocets routine!!

I have gotten some slight donut effect when I deviate.

I think you have to condition yourself slowly and build up to a longer routine, but higher pressure is not the answer, even if it is not painful.

I am frustrated because I have a large head and I pack the tube from the base 2 inches and at the head. It makes me feel like I have a ugly deformed cock.

I take photos everyday and when I have some more time in the tube I will compare them> I do not measure daily but I will say I use a toilet paper tube as a girth guidleine and today I could not fit the head in the TP I have results even though I can’t see them.

My routine is M-F pump and weekends off. I Jelq 100 times between pumps and right after and then I use a strap after. I also wrap my tube before pumping and during in a heating pad and I milk the tube frequently during a pump.

Like I said, I am new and far from knowledgeable. Use your body as a guide and if it hurts just a little back off on pressure.

I am gaining but not visibly to my eye. Maybe put a piece of tape on outside of tube and mark it so you have a guide?

My length isnt noticeable but girth is based upon TP tube

More is not better


I’m also trying to pack the tube. So does everyone agree that going by Avocet’s routine that I can pack my 2” tube (I’m 5.4” EG now) by June? Is this even possible?

I am 5.5 EG and trying my hardest to pack my 2” tube

Don’t go over board, I marked my tube and I see 1/16 gain

I am discouraged a little but slow seems the way to go

Hmmm.wondering if I have a problem.

I’ve been doing the following routine - 5-10 minutes rice sock heatwrap, 5-10minutes manual stretching (up, down, left, right, A, V), lube up - get hard - enter the pump, pump for 10 minutes at 5 HG, 5 minutes erect massage/jelq, 10 minutes in the pump at 5hg again, 5-10 minutes erect massage and Jelq, then a warm shower with some hot-ish water directed at my cock before I wash the rest of my body (yay for shower massage!)

Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve been getting some pretty severe darkening and redspotting on the foreskin. It is not painful at all, nor do I have difficulty getting an erection, but it is disconcerting looking. It tends to go away fairly quickly, withing a day or so. My cock feels bigger, and I have a larger flacid hang.

I think this is the result of some parts of my dick packing the tube by the end of the workout, and others not, so it stretches my foreskin. I’ll try to throw some pics up in the pic gallery, but it is like..

1st 1.5inches is packed from the getgo due to shaft skin, however I think my cock itself is skinnier there.
2nd 2 inches do not pack during the workout
3rd 2 inches usually packed, sometimes unevenly, so to speak?
4th 1 inch right below the head packed
5th 1.5 inch head doesn’t pack.

Also it seems as though my cock is growing in lateral diameter, but not vertically? However, maybe this is an optical illusion.

Suggeestions anyone?

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