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Tip for keeping balls out of cylinder

Tip for keeping balls out of cylinder

A few months ago I bought a cylinder from a local sex shop. They didn’t have much of a selection and I think I ended up getting a 10” x 2.5” but regardless it’s bigger than what I need. On occasion I have had a ball or two get sucked up and sometimes it rather hurts. One day I just decided to use one of my cable clamps and clamp it very lightly above my balls. I use just enough clamp to make sure my balls can’t be pulled through. So far so good! Not a ball pulled through to date.

*sorry if somebody else has posted this idea in the past.

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Good plan. That really can hurt when it happens. I’m about due for a bigger cylinder, and I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.

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Yes, I’ve done that. Just wait till that tube get a little skin between the clamp. Skyrockets in sight—no delight. Now it can be avoided by just a small piece of paper towel between clamp and tube. I’ve gone to cinching scrotum with a 1/4” cotton cord just wrapped lightly. You’ll work out what works for you. There isn’t much that I haven’t tried. The journey is the trip. Steve

I actually use self-adhering door and window sealing tape that I place around the inside of the clamp. It’s fairly soft and rubbery, definitely comfortable and so far haven’t felt a pinch. The paper towel idea sounds interesting and cheap. Sounds like a great method to prevent the pinch.

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Originally Posted by Tennsteven

Yes, I’ve done that. Just wait till that tube get a little skin between the clamp. Skyrockets in sight—no delight.

That’s officially my worst nightmare.

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I’ve also lined my cable clamps with the self adhesive felt you can get for putting on the bottoms of lamps and tsotchkes to keep them from scuffing your furniture. Just cut it to fit. Anything to avoid that pinch.

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I push the back of the cylinder down so my balls will not get sucked in. But I also just pump with very low pressure so I do not have that problem at all now. But I used to pump with higher HGs and had to do what I said earlier

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