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This has been working real good!

This has been working real good!

I’ve been doing a new routine in which i use a combination of squeezes and pumping. Here’s my deal, unlike some of you, I gain girth easier than length. Started at around 5.75 base/5.5 under head. Now after about 18 months, I’m 6.5 base/ 6.25 under the head. Most of that time was spent shooting for length so if you really inspect my time, I’ve gained my 3/4 inch girth in about 4-5 months. That being said I’ve only gained .8 of an inch in permanent length so that puts me at around 6.6 inches NBP or over 7.5 BP. I decided to work backwards using pumping and manuals to gain my girth first, so i can pack my tube quicker and thus really get a good length pull. Here is the big surprise. I’ve been doing 30 minutes of killer squuzes twice a week. You heard me, twice a week. Then after I squueze, I do 2 sets of 15 minute pumping at around 5 hg. Then, every other day of the week I pump 2 15 minute sessions to bring my penis back to the newly achieved size it got on my real work day without over doing it. This allows it to heal better at that size so when my next squeeze day comes along, it’s truly ready and truly bigger. My tube is 2.125 around or around 6.7 inches in diameter. This allows me to pack it very quickly towards the base then follow it up quickly at the top. My upper shaft is now starting to catch up to the spread of my lower shaft.
Ok, heres what everyone really wants to hear. My dick has been staying at a girth of 6.6 for the past 2 weeks, all the way up the shaft. I’m starting to feel more length pull and am wondering if i’m cementing these gains even though it REALLY feels like i am. Keep in mind that i’ve been doing this for three weeks. I am a firm beilever now that pumping alone may not be a way to really enlarge your penis quickly, but it sure as hell can serve as a catalyst for length or girth gains allowing you to consistantly return your penis to it’s post-workout size without really working it out.
It’s almost like this, he’s will really start to beleive that he should be bigger if you pump him up everyday. He’ll think your abusing him though if you squueeze the shit out of hime every day!

heres my routine
day 1: 30 minutes or more of squeezes, squueze, bend stretch the living shit out of him. Then pump 2x15 minutes.
day 2: 2 x 15 pumping
day 3: repeat day 2
day 4: rest one full day, or restart cycle. Just listen to your body.

By the way, what kind of pump?

Hello Vegatgd,

What make and model pump do you use, by the way?

It sounds good… keep up updated on the progress…..

i wish

I wish,i have been pumping ,and doing every manual exercise there is varying rest days, intensity of my workouts for the last 5.5 months and have not gained any girth,nothing works .I think that surgery is my only option

Yes, please keep us updated. Nice work.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

liquidlust1, surgery is NOT an option.


Please go look at the pictures of the people that do the surgery before you go that route. In my opinion you will be paying someone to butcher your pride and joy. The results of surgery that I have seen on the internet are terrible and I would sue if someone did that to my unit. Keep trying and find something that works. Stay away from surgery.

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