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Things, stuff and whatsit


Things, stuff and whatsit

Ok so I am going to give the pumping thing a bit of a go hey, I’ve not bought a proper pump, I went and splashed on a jar I saw at the shops that was absolutely PERFECT size….

so I’m going to try the ‘put the tube in, suck and yank the tube out’ approach again (I tried it a few times last year but not really well or for very long)

My first question is how much should you have to suck to get the right vacuum? and what should it look/feel like?

Any other suggestions/comments would be appreciated


Ok so here’s the deal;

I tried my idea out. And these were the results:

And I know why.
This jar’s opening is far too big to fit in just the rod, so I had to put my whole package in there.

meaning that I could only take a certain amount of pressure (because of balls) which apparantly wasn’t enough for the ord itself (the target!)

so I ended up with absolutely no pump in the penis and a stupidly large ballsack, it’s like an orange, I hope this doesn’t show through my pants tommorrow lol… :D

so what am I going to do?
I’ll modify the opening, make a hole just big enough to put my dick through the lid and cap it airtight.

I’ll keep this thread up to speed with my progress!


I’m having a little trouble figuring out what kind of device you’ve put together. You actually suck on the tube to create a vacuum?




It sounds like the sun tea jar approach.


>I’ll modify the opening, make a hole just big enough to put my dick through the lid and cap it airtight.

This is tricky. Be sure the hole is big & flexible enough that you can pull your dick out when you finish. You could make the hole slightly oversize for your limp dick and use heavy grease/wax like Bag Balm around the hole to seal it until your dick gets big.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams


Have a look at

and see if his jars are what you’ve ended up with. The jars aren’t especially good as cock (only) pumps because the idea is to include the balls. You may end up with a grapefruit next time.

Tex3: I think you read it right.



thanks for the info tex…

avocet, basically there was no assembly required :)

I get the jar, flop my tackle into it, and one end of the tube, push it down to get a good seal (and use a bit of lubricant around where the tube goes into the jar) and suck out the air with the other end of the tube…

it works quite well eg I can get as much pressure as I like….
problem was that my balls cant take anywhere eanr as much as my dick (needs) so therein lies the problem….

I’ll let you know how the modification to the lid goes though, if it can keep my balls out without strangling my dick I’ll have a great setup at only a few dollars! hehe


Be on the lookout for jars shaped more like your unit - big olive jars, pickle jars, zucchini jars, French bread jars, etc. You can always drill a hole in the bottom to attach the connector, or find someone who can.



"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

Wine barrels?





Make an Adaptor

I use a similar system myself, I have an old Nestea (Instant Tea, Nasty Shite) Jar that’s about 9 inches tall, that I use as a tube. The opening was way to big for me, so I went to the hardware store and bought a rubber plumbing adaptor.

The adaptor is used to join plumbing pipes of different sizes. The one I got was 1.5” to 2.0”. I put a heavy layer of vaseline on the tube, tightened the 2” side to the top of the jar using the pipe clamp that came with it, and use the small end for my unit.
The adaptor also added about 4” to the overall length of the tube, and gves a fairly comfortable seal against my fat pad.

I’ve been using this for about a year now, and it works great. I usually just leave the suction tube in place, and crimp it off witha pair of cheap hemostats got last time I was in the ER. I do this because I actually managed to get myself stuck in the tube/adaptor once. I was able to get out, but had to take everything apart to do it. Kind of a pain.

Good Luck.


“Kind of a pain,” he says. How long were you stuck in it? Hope the tools were handy.



Not Long

Only about 15 minutes or so.
I was trying for a “quickie” pump. Just wanted to dress things up a bit before I went out for the night. Since I didn’t want to have to take a shower again, I didn’t use very much lube. Just kind of greased up the inside of the adaptor, and went in dry.

15 minutes later, I had swelled up enough I had a hard time getting back out without giving myself a nice fricton burn. After the panic faded, I just used a nut driver to take it all apart, then dumped some hand lotion in the adaptor. got everythng nice and greasy and it eventually came off wth little discomfort. Still ended up taking a shower (grrrrr).

Anyway, I did the same thing agan not too long after that (No, I’m not the brghtest bulb n the box, sometimes ;) ), but I had left the suction tube in. A little reverse pressure, and POP! came right out. So, I always leave the suction tube in now.

I should just get a larger adaptor, like 1.75” to 2.0”, but Menards never seems to have them in stock, (the spot on the shelf is always empty, or has other crap in it), and I haven’t managed to make it over to the new Home Depot store just yet. Maybe this weekend, since I’m thinking about it ;) .

Or buy a bunch of pocket tools. Glad you got out without damage.



Thanks for the info Blanktim….
although it was just a little too late :(

I spent a good hour or two the other day drilling/tearing a hole in the METAL cap….

it’s mostly done, just got to spend a little while more tearing off the jaggies and then filing it down to smoothness….

although if my hands get sore again I think i’ll chuck it in and use your idea instead!! :)

some may say “ooh - metal, scary…” But I was planning on filing it down really smooth, then cutting some tubing down one side and glueing it firmly to the edge…. not only will it protect me but will also give a better seal….

just one question…. do you have your suction tube going into the same opening as your member? I was thikning of drilling a hole on the end of the jar and finding a valve to go into it….. (although just crimping it off sounds plausible) because I already have a glass drill bit of the same diameter of the tubing I have…

Hey Secs, I believe Avocet8 mentioned this site earlier in the thread, They tell you how to build your own STJ tube. I’m not certain what your approach to this is but I hope it Help’s anyway :) .



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