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Thick Wall Cylinders

Thick Wall Cylinders

Anybody tried them? They’re supposed to be good for length gains- can anybody testify to their efficacy?


Did you see these on the Vacutech site? One of the benefits of the thick wall tube touted on is that the thick-walled tube provides a magnifying effect so that your dick looks bigger while in the cylinder. Also, there may be a difference in the straight end of the thick-walled tube compared with a regular flared end of a standard tube as to how it pulls at the base of your cock. Then again, maybe it’s all marketing hype.

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Thanks J Meister-

Yeah, i did see the ad copy on the Vacutech site: while ya wanna believe them, it’s also easy to write it off as a hyperbolic sales pitch. Was hoping somebody here may have had personal experience, but perhaps this is another one of those things where I’ll have to take one for the team… if I do, I’ll keep everybody posted.

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Boxcar23 - How many of you got gains while using pumping as a resource?

This is a quote from Boxcar23:
Girth has been no problem- since pumping over the last 6 mos, and jelking - which is a very important adjunct to pumping I am now a consistent 7 inches in girth post pumping. And a good bit of it lasts from session to session. Length however is harder and I think I have turned a corner by buying a straight end thick tube so that when in the pump I can feel the rim of the tube pressing against my pubis, ergo the other end is being stretched— and it feels it. The tube is from and is designed to promote length by its straight and flangless end. It appears to be working. I started at 5 inches BPEL 2 yrs ag0 and now am at 6.75

So in other words he likes it and it interests me as well.

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I started out using the flared cylinders from Vacutech but when I went up to a 2.25” I had problems with my scrotum getting sucked into the tube along with my dick…not comfortable. I switched to the thick-wall cylinders and have had great luck with them in terms of comfort (no scrotal pain) and results. They do hold heat better because of their thickness and if you do reverse kegels while bending the tube around at full vacuum I think you might notice some small length gains over time (hope that makes sense). They’re not cheap but I wouldn’t use anything else if I had the choice.

I love my thick wall tube.

i have only ever had a thick walled tube and have to say it’s been fantastic. I have seen some in tube length gains over the last 4 months using similar Hg levels.

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Well I got one on order today. So I hope they are worth it..

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

n2growing, please keep us posted if possible. All of the above replies are pretty positive regarding thick-walled cylinders’ benefits…

Methinks it might be time to investigate buying one as well.

"The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt."

-Bertrand Russell

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