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The Scariest of all Pumping Sites...

Originally Posted by GSpotMassagerS
How can I get him to stop pumping so high?

He’s responsible for his own dick. If you’ve told him your concern, and perhaps shown him some evidence of the danger (injury stories or whatever), that’s all you can do, so stop worrying about it.

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How high is “ridiculously high”?

Originally Posted by plustwo
How high is “ridiculously high”?

I do not know, and he does not know because he dose not use a gauge.
He built his own tube and uses a compressor off a stand up freezer so I am guessing that it can create a pretty high vacuum. And his tube is made out of PVC tubing. I asked why he uses PVC for and he said that the pressure he pumps at would crush a regular penis cylinder. He also say ne know this because it has done it before and the cylinder collapsed on his dick. So I am guessing he pumps to a ridiculously high pressure.

Oh yea it is white PVC piping so he can not see his dick inside the tube.

Become one with the pump. See the pump become the pump.

I think it was made of a flimsy plastic like the sorry ones you by at some porn shops or you buy out of hustler magazines.

He is a nut. I mean a fucking nut. I have one that A friend gave me and it is made of hard plastic one that I do not believe it would break. But he says his pump would probably crush it.

I just think he is a nut by pumping with something that can pump so high.

All I have is a bulb pump that came with the cylinder that a friend gave me and it is good enough for me.

He always brags about how big his dick can get in less than 30 minutes of pumping. He was the one that got me pumping and by listening to him I ran into a bunch of problems. But as usual he said I didn’t pump right and left the vacuum pressure on too long before releasing the vacuum.

He is a fucking know it all. I bet if a doctor told him the best way to pump he would say his way is better. I told him over and over and over you do not have to pump so high to get results because I only pump at about 2-3 HG sometimes as high 5 HG and I get good results and I do not have any problems pumping at that pressure all he said was when you pump that low of a pressure you need to have the vacuum on longer to get the same results and it can cause bruising by keeping the pressure on that long before releasing the vacuum but if you make the pressure higher you only have to keep the pressure on for about 10 - 15 seconds or shorter at a time before releasing the vacuum. And it is safer than leaving the pressure on longer periods of time before releasing the vacuum.

I do not know what else to tell him

Become one with the pump. See the pump become the pump.

I have done through my hands in the air and have given up. If he hurts himself it is him not me.

Thanks ThunderSS.

I bet if I gave him the url to that site he would feel right at home. I don’t know but I am through with it. I am not worry about it any more.

Become one with the pump. See the pump become the pump.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I can’t see a regular commercial tube collapsing. Turning into a acrylic Daisy Cutter maybe, but not collapsing. I think someone is pulling your leg.

But if someone isn’t pulling his leg, I see a chance for a great commerical venture.

GSpotMassagerS’s friends pump setup has these “features”:

1. it dose not use a gauge, so his buddy has no idea what pressure he is using…
…who needs to get bogged down with numbers? Accuracy is over-rated!

2. is made out of “white PVC piping so he can not see his dick inside the tube”…
…a terrific safety feature! Hey, your cock might have exploded (or imploded?) already and you don’t even know it!

3. uses a “compressor off a stand up freezer”, waaaay stronger than those handheld pumps!
It is easily powerfull enough to collapse standard tubes and likely penis tissue, too! Hurray!

This home-made device sounds like just what the doctor ordered! (The doctor seeking to drum up business, that is.) Tell me, GSpotMassagerS, has your friend considered trying to mass produce his invention?

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Yea he said that if the other people can sell their pumps at $300 he should be able to sell his for at least $800 or more.

He said the reason he made it is because he got tired of the other pumps breaking on him.

Become one with the pump. See the pump become the pump.

Ball Pumping

I got a link to some site from here that was all about penis, ball, vagina, and nipple pumping. I registered so I could see the pictures, and noticed all the men who pumped there balls, had gigantic gonads. Maybe it’s fake, I don’t know. I was just wondering if anyone has done it, and did it work. I would also like to know if anyone knows about any dangers involved with it.

BTW, pumped nipples and pumped labia are one of the sickest looking things I have ever seen.

I miss this place.

Old stats: not sure but not much smaller

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Yeah that’s the site. They all just pump away and don’t talk technique, safety, or routines. They just post picks and say, oh, here are my balls after 10 hours of high pressure pumping. Look my labia hangs to the floor now after pumping all day. Some of it is gross, but I would like to make my balls bigger, because in my opinion, the bulge in your pants is all about balls.

I miss this place.

Old stats: not sure but not much smaller

Currently: BPEL: 7.5 EG: 5 Goal: The holy grail of course. (8x6)

Why do you guys even read this extremist crap??



Well pumping pussy might not be such a bad thing. They could now ‘officially’ be like big chucks of fruit pieces just waiting to be munched and sucked on.

Get yourself a big orange and now take 2 cut pieces, hold them next to each other to form a pussy and now open it up (just like you would a pussy!), now suck on those lips!!

!(?)! I wonder if there is any pumping porn sites?

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