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The Physics of Water Pumping

Originally Posted by dongalong
What does your routine look like to achieve that result?

-5 min warm up
-Go into pump filled with hottest water tolerable
-pump till uncomfortable not painful for approx 2 - 3 mins
-pump a little heavier for 2 - 3 mins
-keep heat pack on tube entire time
- last 15 mins at maximum tolerable pressure
-exit tube and Firegoat Roll to evenly disperse any fluid build up

I can get an 1” expansion normally. I can get a little over an inch if I can take C4 preworkout supplement before pumping. I don’t always do that because I can’t take that stuff if I happen to be pumping at night before bed.
If I have time, I edge for as long as possible. Not sure if it helps but it’s fun to play with that monster out of the tube! :)

I have a max EG of 5.5 but measure an average 6.5 out of the pump. That stays for a little less than an hour then slowly goes away over the next 2 or 3 hours. I do not know my girth gains yet because I am trying not to measure for a while in hopes of being pleasantly surprised one day.

Also, as it is a bathmate pump. I’ve no clue what the pressure actually is. I use markers on the tube to gauge LUV.

Feb 2016 BPEL ?NBPEL 6", EG 5.25

May 2016 BPEL 6 3/4", NBPEL 6 3/8, EG 5.25

July 2016 BPEL 7" NBEL 6 1/2, EG 5.5

I used my Bathmate in the same way as you EyesOnSize , with the difference that I only used it in a hot bath.

I can tell you that now I have my vacuum pump set up for water pumping, to get the same pull as the Bathmate, I need to pump up to 10-12 Hg/in!!! No wonder it’s not advisable to pump for longer than 20 minutes with it.

My first inch of gains was achieved with a similar approach in time and intensity. I bought a cheap vacuum pump that used a plunger to create the vacuum, the plunger didn’t work so I sealed up the hole and attached a flexible plastic tube to the side of the cylinder and used my lungs to create the vacuum and my tongue to maintain it.
I thought that if my tongue could survive the low pressure then my dick would be safe. Surprisingly I managed to pull some serious vacuums and ended up with blood spotting and donuts. My sessions would last 20-30 minutes and I would always enter the tube with a full erection and suck the air out until I could feel a stretch. I would try to remain at the longest length I could inside the tube and when it went below a certain point, I’d rework the erection. Usually this would happen 4-5 times per session, more if there was a vacuum leak. Anyway, it was an exciting time and gains came quickly, I achieved an inch in 1 year without extending the duration of each pumping session.

When I started using the Bathmate, it reminded me of that time with the advantages of constant heat and no requirement to enter the tube erect.

I enter erect as well. I have an air pump that I’m thinking of converting to water because the tube is wider and will accommodate my girth better. The accordion plunger at the base of my bathmate gets packed too quickly and I get rings around my base shaft that are unsightly and leaves a weird darkening pattern.

I tried to follow the size chart when purchasing but never expected over an 1” of expansion. Thought it would be a year or two before I had to upgrade but it looks like that’s the route I’ll have to take sooner that expected. I do count myself lucky in that respect. I know a ton of guys would love to have that “problem”.

Some guys cringe at the oral vaccuum method but I don’t care at all. It’s my dick, not some other dude’s dickwater. If I convert my old air tube, that’s the method I’ll be using.

Feb 2016 BPEL ?NBPEL 6", EG 5.25

May 2016 BPEL 6 3/4", NBPEL 6 3/8, EG 5.25

July 2016 BPEL 7" NBEL 6 1/2, EG 5.5

So after reading the info on this post. I have a question. If there is pressure with in the pump and penis. Is this same pressure that a scuba diver gets while diving deeper then 30ft?If so does that mean you can get decompression sickness (Bends ) from pumping at high pressures with in the water pump? Or is there only risk of this if pump is left on to long?I’m new to this though I have used water pump ,I have stopped after reading about decompression sickness because I was unsure about this.


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