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The physics of force transmission in air versus water pumping

How about this,

If water does press upon the penis as marinera states will that not have the effect of raising the internal pressure higher for the same gauge reading with air ?

so 5hg on the gauge with water pressure inside the penis is higher than 5hg on the gauge in air ?

Isn’t the the internal pressure a sum of all the forces acting on it both internal and external ?

Originally Posted by marinera
Force transmission has very litlle do with what we are interested on, I think it was a bad choice as a title of the thread.


As the author of the thread, I disagree. What I was interested in is how the force we are applying (via the pump) is conveyed, or transmitted, to the penis, and how that is different with air in the cylinder versus water.

As such, I think the title is perfect. :)

If you want a more general discussion of air versus water pumping, then go to WATER PUMPING > Air Pumping . The original thought there was on how water pumping is better than air pumping, but there’s been a good comparison between the two in the process of discussion.

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Why don’t you answer to my question first, Capernicus? For the sake of clarity.

I have to go now, I have a fuck (I hope :D ); so let me add another question : I know the problem could be not ‘compressing’ water, but ‘moving’ water; my personal opinion is the same though: to move water you need more force (or you need to transmit less energy, if you like to speak this way) than required to compress air (expanded air, at that moment, due to the vacuum force).

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Originally Posted by Lampwick
As the author of the thread, I disagree. What I was interested in is how the force we are applying (via the pump) is conveyed, or transmitted, to the penis, and how that is different with air in the cylinder versus water.

Which force water is transmitting? Vacuum isn’t a force transmitted by the water, as I see it. You just fill the tube and then pull out water to create a vacuum.

Ok I go or I’ll lose my chance of fun.

I guess the force being transmitted is the force of your hand squeezing the pump ! otherwise nothing will happen .
I guess it works like a large syringe which you put your penis in, only instead of a rubber ended plunger you kind of have a fluid one.
You pull on the plunger it directly pulls on your penis or atmospheric pressure forces your penis into the space depending on how you look at it, it has to have force applied at some point.

maybe someone can tell me does water provide pretty much a 1 to 1 transmission of force whereas a vacuum would only do that if it was absolute or as near as ?

Your hand doesn’t transmit force, pull out water. If you just leave the hole open and point down the pump, water will fall down. No need to transmit force. The idea of ‘transmitting force’ was born on the analogy with brakes.

A pump can either push something out or pull something in , both situations require the application of a force surely , like i said, basically a big syringe.

The application of a force, yes, the transmission of a force, nope, unless you are just speaking in a nominalistic way.

Still no answers to my questions? Can I say that point is settled?

I’m not sure i understand the question , water is essentially incompressible and how can vacuum compress something ?
I think a can feel another lie down coming on , haha.

I admit my knowledge of this stuff is based mostly on practical experiance rather than a good education

5hg is a measure of pressure. When you read 5hg on the gauge, that’s the force that is expanding both your penis and the water. To expand, your penis has to compress water. Do you understand the question now? Is 5hg enough force to compress water? You just said water is ‘essentially incompressible’, so you have the answer : no. Your penis can compress air, can’t compress water. So penis expands more in air than in water, all other things being equal.

Now suppose that instead than compressing water, your penis can move water out of the tube. Is required more force to move water or to compress [expanded] air?

I get what you’re saying now, in a sealed system full of water you cannot expand at all , but inside your pump you have a vacuum which is trying to pull the water out of the tube and every bit of water that’s removed is replaced by your penis, excluding leaks.

I must be getting tired because this is starting to make sense to me



The question that remains is : is it required additional force to pull water out of the tube (so that penis can expand) or to compress the remaining air in the tube (which, at that moment, is expanded due to the vacuum). I don’t know the certain answer, my guess is that is required more force to move water.

One last try before i go to bed,

When you pump air out of the tube you create a partial vacuum and lower the atmospheric pressure, but there is still some air in there,

when u pump water out of the tube you are removing matter as a solid essentially, so if there is no air in with it something has to fill the space.

If you had a steel penis in an indestructible tube full of water how much force would it take to remove all the water from the tube compared to removing the same amount of air ?

More force to remove the water. The amount of force is the weight of the matter other than your penis. The difference though, is that air can be either removed or compressed to minimal levels. That’s my understanding.

I think it might help to look at this from another angle,

What’s the effect on the penis of applying a partial vacuum compared to applying hydraulic suction ?

in a partial vacuum at a point when the penis will not expand any further you can still keep removing air with no size increase just an increase in internal pressure,

In a hydraulic system at the same point you wont get any more water out without an increase in size.

What this means i’m not quite sure.


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