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The physics of force transmission in air versus water pumping

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See by yourself, DTwarren

I got only one reply, which states that the mediume doesn’t makes any difference, once assumed that the level of pressure is equal. I’m waiting for more replies, but maybe I posted in the wrong section or maybe the question was too complex even for physics nerds :homer2:

I have read also some of past posts on here on this subject:
Rifor - why is pumping with water different?

Rifor claims to be a physicist, and his post is basically identical to the first post of this thread, with the brakes example and everything; next,
thank you

Ropegroper too claims to have a post-graduate on physics or such, if I’ve got it, and he says pumping in cold air is the best thing to do - his argument is that, although water is not compressible, is highly expandable with heat.

Pressure is pressure, whether from air or water.
Laurslakenen, who claims to be an engineer, gives a similar answer to the one I got at the physicist forum.

Stopped searchin, doesn’t seems to help much - uh, wasn’t physicis an exact science?

On regard of empirical testimonials, I found not true that everyobdy experiences a greater expansion with water than wit air - I’m going just to cite two posters, because their posts are very detailed

Originally Posted by tallythwacker
— It takes longer to pack girthwise (I have a 2”X10” tube so packing lengthwise is beyond my reach) . I think this is due more to the fact that I’m getting less fluid rather than due to getting less of an internal pump. Post-pump enlargement size and duration is about the same.

— I’m feeling more of a length pull. I’m not sure why this is. It’s not linked to the higher pressures as I have done a comparison with just air at the same pressure. I’m not complaining.
I definitely enjoy water pumping and will stick with it for awhile, though I think other forms of pumping are just necessary.

Water Pumping Observations

(this resounds my speculations, more length expansion than girth expansion with water pumping when compared with air) and

Originally Posted by zap123
I have been water pumping for two months. I found that I had better expansion in the tube, less discoloration, and less fluid build up. I was a fan. But today I tried something that has soured my enthusiasm. I pumped without enough water to cover my dick, and noticed that where I stuck up out of the water I was thinner, a lot thinner, like 0.25”.

The great expansion I was witnessing seems like it was an optical illusion. I was basically looking at my dick through a magnifying glass, no wonder I loved it. I finished the session without water. Now I am reconsidering all my water pumping experiences.

Without water, at 5Hg, I felt more stretch than than I did at 8Hg with water, and the “stretched feeling” is lasting like it used to in my first few months. This makes me wonder if the other positives of water, less fluid and discoloration, are because my dick was simply under less vacuum.

Water Pumping Doubts (emphasis added)

Originally Posted by zap123
…. In the past two weeks I have been pumping without water and have not noticed any decline in post pump flaccid, in fact, it seems a little better.

Water Pumping Doubts

Curious note: SkepticalOne, who was proclaming the superiority of water pumping in that thread, turned to the adverse opinion in this later thread :

That’s all, make up your minds on the subject guys.

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Too much information in one thread…my head hurts….

So is it better or not?

Goal: None, PE for life


Think that the point here isn’t actually which is better, but anyway to answer your question, my personal opinion is : try it and find what is better for you.

I think we should all thank marinere for the great research. He has provided enough reference material to keep us busy for many nights. I have read a lot of his references and think his conclusion is about the best we can do. the one other thing I picked up on while reading the older threads is that heat is more important for increasing expansion/growth than the medium in the cylinder.

Good job Marinera!

I think I will stick with my recommendations that if you are getting good gains with air, stick with it. IF you aren’t getting the gains you wish, give water a try. If you find you are getting skin problems with air, water will let you push that limit a bit.

I also think (and Marinera’s quotes support) that if you want length from pumping and haven’t been able to get it, try water pumping before you give up on it.

Good gaining!

Thanks gentlemen.

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