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The Homemade Pump

The Homemade Pump

Has anyone tried the homemade pump this guy made on the site from the pump you get at autozone. If so how has it worked. Also what have you guys used to out around the base of the tube you get at Petsmart for padding and to keep a good seal.

For a guy basically jsut starting out pumping besides having used a rinky dink book store pump which hurt me kina where my pc muscle is and made my left leg feel numb, what would be a good starting rotine using the homemade pump.

How is this:

3 to 4 5 to 8 min sets at 4 to 5 hg
100 jelques before session.
50 jelques in between each set
afte last set do 1 pump for 3 min at a little higher hg
put on therap wrist wrap after.

Originally Posted by waytoobig
For a guy basically just starting out pumping besides having used a rinky dink book store pump which hurt me kina where my pc muscle is and made my left leg feel numb…

Throw that sucker away, way. Pumping is supposed to increase circulation, not cut it off.

I have little mechanical ability. Read below, though, the threads by guys here who can put one together.



I put one together, and it works rather well. For a seal I used about 10 dips in the liquid plastic stuff used to coat tool handles. I haven’t seen any remarkable gains, but I haven’t used it as regularly as I should.

Get goin’ Wiz. You don’t get a bigger dick just jerking off. If that were so, we’d all need wheelbarrows by now.

Make a new thread and post your projected (ideal) routine here. We’ll encourage you.



Guys, need some input at this point in my pumping career…please.

Next month will be the start of 6 months at pumping and have now bumped up to 1 hr sessions every other day. All that pumping and jelking is definately kicking in as I’m bigger and getting bigger than I every thought possible. Not where I wanna be yet but at least getting there.

From using the Thera-P strap for around 2 hrs after each session my flaccid hang is really coming along nicely. But lately I’ve decided to try other methods to help boost gains. On my off days I’m doing a traction wrap (just snug) first thing in the AM for at least 4- 5 hrs then a 1 hour break, and on again for another few hours. I’m using Ace bandage for wrap.

Also, If I tighten it up a bit I think this is a Uli wrap, would the vets let know if that’s correct? I get a bigger pump in the glands and leave for only 30 mins to 1 hr at a time. Wondering though, will doing the wraps help cement gains? and help increase erect length over time. I’m trying to stay extended and/or pumped up as much as possible on my off days but keeping a watchful eye on things. It does seem to be helping for now.


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