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The DVD, is it that important?


In a strange way, I enjoyed it. :o

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Just emailed them regarding this and it seems they don’t offer any reduction in cost without the dvd anymore.also the shipping is like $35 which is kinda steep. Not to mention that email support is really bad.

They must have a room packed full of DVD’s right now…

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I think it\'s amazing, the way that love can set you free...

Their email response is really slow. So many days and I’m not getting any replies. Good service ? No way. I’m not gona buy from them.

Originally Posted by 2helpings
The DVD is a little too much like soft gay porn, also some hawking of commercial products that I didn’t find particularly useful. The only real take home messages are these: your overall health, which can be improved through regular exercise and good nutrition, plays a vital role both in terms of current performance, and future PE gains:make yourself comfortable and enjoy the routine(speaking in relative terms): appreciate your current state of penile health.

Sounds just like the Kaplan viddy.


General warning to any and all-

Decline PE info you get elsewhere- Thunders’ is the real deal- Q&A with guys that are working their way trough the process, not a nonsense vid offering nothing new or a pay site [!] offering up the same routines that you see here.

Where do you think that they get the routines?

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