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Thanks, Avocet...again

Thanks, Avocet...again

Well, I tried deviating from the pumping 101 for the last month or so and let me tell you. It didn’t work like I wanted. The last few days I’ve moved back to the wisdom of what Avocet was saying (multiple shorter sets of 5-10 minutes as opposed to longer sets). My unit wasn’t performing correctly (i.e. only partial erections) The pump stays much longer for me with 4 shorter sets than it did with 3 longer sets and my erection is an eraction again.

I’ve never had a problem with fluid build up or donuts but the pump is lasting much longer now that I’m following the advice of the pumping 101 again. I was overzealous and tried to go too far too fast and it wasn’t working. And my unit doesn’t look like it’s been in a fist fight anymore.

Thanks, Avocet.

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You are welcome. Good to hear you are on the straight and narrow where slow and steady wins the race. Even though we are not in a race.

Keep us posted.



Yep, Avocet8’s program is a good one. Make sure you use a lot of heat before, “during” and after. Heat is the one thing that can make you or break you.


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