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Testicle Pumping


I go along with Phladelph on this. Whether it’s fluid build up in the testicles or not, I don’t know, but mine sure get bigger

My balls have got bigger from pumping but it goes down after like 3 day but xtube it and see testicle pumping long term you can achieve amazing size even if not permanent

Yes you can increase the size of your Testicles

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Testicles can not be enlarged. The scrotum cylinders will most certainly increase the size of your scrotum by stretching the skin, and right after pumping your balls and entire package will look bigger, fuller, because of fluid buildup in the sac, but otherwise it is just a waste of time. Pumping will, however, give you girth. I’d put my money on a good dick tube and leave your balls out of it. :Leftie:

The Testicles can be enlarged. I notice quite a few people who say it’s impossible. Well wrong.
It can be done but you must have an extra amount of patience. Penis pumping, scrotum pumping is much faster to achieve and those who expect this level of speed will fail in Testicle enlargement.

I have more than tripled my Testicle size over the last seven years. I’m talking about size of testicles, not inflated scrotum
I’m also talking about the original size of my testicles seven years ago verses today when not pumped.

Originally my testicles were just a moderate hand full for my wife. Now they each are a complete hand full for her.
This is after not pumping for at least ten days.
I’ll use general terms regarding a comparison to common things to state my size gains.
When I started my left testicle was about the size of a normal native “or hard shell” pecan.
The right was roughly twice that.
Today before I started pumping and I have not pumped for two weeks, my left testicle is about the size of a standard hens egg. The right almost three times that.
This has been a slow process but it has worked.
It’s not complicated so here is what I did and continue to do.
I use a comfortable gasket, “home made” and a Bull Master.
After getting in the tube I pump to about eight inches. DO NOT START WITH THIS!
After some fifteen to twenty minutes fluid, “blood, cirrus or whatever” fluid has filled the Testicles to the max without any stretching.
Holding at the original pressure there will eventually be a sensation of the Testicles being squeezed. At that point I raise the pressure difference to about
Ten to eleven in. HG depending on comfort.
FACT: If you are not feeling the pressure as if being squeezed quite briskly you are not doing anything that will cause any enlargement.
When you first start pumping you may “as I did” not notice any pressure in the Testicles before you must quit due to edema in the Scrotum at a level you should
Stop at unless you want a balloon. I really do not want this. Yes I have over the years experimented with it. Including saline inflation. It’s entertaining but not very
Satisfying for me.
When starting out you will have very slow fluid flow into the Testicles so you just may not notice it for some time. Took about six months for me to attain fluid
Flow fast enough to cause pressure in the Testicles before too much Scrotum inflation.
When it first was noticeable for me I was driving a sports car with quite narrow seating. I had not pumped for about a week.
I just suddenly became aware that as I was using the clutch and brakes that for the first time in my life I could actually sense the presence of two hard “well not
Too hard” lumps between my legs. Actually was feeling it with the inside of my legs. I was pleasantly surprised.
Today in that same car I have to make sure the Testicles are place on or near the top of my thighs to be comfortable.
To put it simply, yes you can increase the size of your testicles. It will take time and lots of patience.
I will say it again. You must pump over time enough to create large enough fluid paths to inflate the Testicles before the Scrotum is over done.
You must, “repeat must” have a pressure in the Testicles that will over time stretch the tissues and you must do it long and often enough to cause microscopic
Permanent increases.
It will work! For the die hard nay Sayers.. Sorry but you are wrong. Do not let these people cause you to give up. Just stay with it.
I have just finished a two hour session which had almost doubled the size of the Testicles before the gains mostly became invisible due to the inflation of
The Scrotum. I was just enjoying it so much I kept it up until I decided enough is enough.
Good luck. Do not listen to those experts who have just not had the patience and or time to invest in the exercise to get it done.
There is always those who due their inability to do something will declare it impossible. It is a human trait we all at some level have to over come in many
Fields of endeavour.
Recently I had to fess up to my new FAA medical examiner. She was insistent that we do a biopsy on them, “especially the right one.”
I finally had to tell her the truth or find another examiner. She looked at me for a while with an odd look and said she would pass me for my medical
Required for my ATP pilots license medical. She also said she would be doing some research on the subject.
Six months later when I had to go back for another exam she said she had found no reason to do a biopsy due to my activities. She said she saw no real
Reason to think there was any danger in it except for possible injury if it got out of hand.

Good luck,
Bet mine are bigger than yours.

Do these hen egg or larger pumped balls ejaculate more than normal?

I have pumped them also and love the feel. I need to get back on it and continue so I can get the results you have now. I just need patients.


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