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tapering cylinder?

tapering cylinder?

I’m thinking of buying the hydro pump and cylinder….

It seems to me that the cylinders they sell taper at the end…

Is anyone using their cylinders and can you tell me if i am correct?


Hi Jambaz

From looking at the A.C.M.E hydro pump cylinders at their web site they do seem to taper at the end, but why should you be concerned about this?

Hey Braker

I’m concerned because I want to get the same girth expansion from base to tip, not a smaller expansion at the tip.

I’ve never tried pumping and want the best deal before I start…

You will get the same expansion from base to tip.

Don’t forget you are going to buy a cylinder that is at least 2” longer that your erect length so you’ll have room from expansion. And 2” in plenty of room.

You’re head will not reach the top of the cylinder, and by the time you will get closer, you’ll probably have to switch to a bigger cylinder anyhow.

I’m not sure what is the reason some cylinders are built like that, anyone has an idea?

What you’re saying makes sense…thanks :-)

My guess is that they’re shaped like that to give the pumped penis a more natural look since most penises are bigger at the base than at the head

I don’t think this is the reason. After all not many people fill the pump lengthwise, and this tapering is only at the very end.

However I’m just guessing here, you can e-mail them and ask.

I e-mailed them and asked why they taper and if it was just towards the end that they taper, just to be sure…

They answered that they only taper towards the end but didn’t say why…but as long as it’s only towards the end I don’t really care

I also asked what size cylinder I would need for my 5,1” girth at the base. They said I would need a 2” cylinder.

From what I’ve read at this forum, 2 inches would be too big for me. What do you think?

I’m 5.5” girth and they told me the 2” also. From reading other size charts for tubes and asking others most said the 1.75” would be the best size to start with for me.

The only thing I can think of is maybe you need a larger tube for water pumping so the water surrounds the penis. I have never water pumped and might be wrong, but that’s what I’m assuming.

At the moment I’m leaning toward trying dry pumping vs wet pumping, but really don’t know which is best. Just figured the water might be a hassle for my living enviroment.

I think I will probably try the thickwall tube from Vactech when I do buy one. Don’t know if it’s any better or worse than other models, but since I want to focus more on length than girth it seems like it might be a good choice.

If you do buy the hydropump let us know how you like it.

Good luck! :)

Tapered Tube

The tapered tube my be to control the dreaded ” Donut Effect”. Just a thought.

Regarding cylinder diameter, remember that different companies can have different opinions on pumping. What you read in this forum are only the opinion of the members here.

Regarding water in the pump, peforeal wrote in another thread:
“With wet pumping, it’s not that the water will take up extra space around your dick. As you wet pump, water is being replaced by the increase vacuum in the cylinder. Eventually as you expand, your dick will be touching the sides of the cylinder, and the remaining water will be above the head of your dick filling up the rest of the tube.”

I never tried water pumping, but assuming the above statement is true, I believe you should go for a 1.75” cylinder.

Maybe someone with an A.C.M.E pump could add some input here?

Gunslinger - a good idea, but it tapers only at the very top, and most pumpers don’t go all the way to the top.. Funny they never answered it in Jambaz e-mail.

I e-mailed them again.

They told me that the 2” cylinder was recommended to give me room to grow.

They also told me that their cylinders taper in order to avoid a “mushroom effect”!!

For your 5.1” girth at base I think buying a 2” cylinder will be a mistake.

You will have *plenty* of room to grow with a 1.75” cylinder.

I would trust the opinion of the members of this board more than the salesman who e-mailed you. The knowledge in this forum comes from experience of people that actually use pumps and have shared their experience with one another.

Read all the threads from the last couple of weeks in the Pumper’s Forum, there’s plenty written on the issue of cylinder diameter.

That’s my opinion.

And btw - what is the “mushroom” effect? Is it the “donut” effect? Or do they mean - getting a mushroom head?

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