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Synergistic Effect of Pumping When Systematically Combined with Other PE Techniques


avocet and Zep,

Your thoughts much appreciated. Here is a bit of spontaneous reflection:

<time constraints of that particular day>

<The trick would be to drop the routine down (in time) on the day following some measured increase>
I appreciate your thoughts on this, as you suggest measured increases are not always best fulfilled by being at “full throttle”. As with body building there are days that are more aggressive and other days less aggressive based on a number of factors such as experience, stamina, intuition, energy levels, signaling to the individual an appropriate “stress load” for your muscles for that day. Likewise, while this is a nuance of unknown significance, each day is different per penile receptivity, if you will. It becomes somewhat of an intuitive process where one builds dynamically on prior day, prior week, and prior month,etc. progress. With pumping, erring with less is best is essential (see avocet8 intro pumping thread).

<nocturnal erections seemed larger >

Your are right, I have wondered about this phenomenon, and appreciate your insights per different neural pathways.

<So I’m coaxing my penis to grow not forcing it ; what I’m thinking is that this limited pumping totally minimizes the adverse lymph fluid built up and maximizes the expansion phase. >

<These appear to be two opposite forces; the first creating a negative force ( pushing in on the penis) while the second is a positive force ( tissue expansion), this later effect is a TRUE growth scenario while IMO the expansion of the penis by lymphatic fluid built up a total negative and counter productive to long term penis growth. >

Zep, coaxing, I like that word as it is completely descriptive of an intuitive, experiential optimum rhythm that we in PE seek. In addition to lymph counterproductive effect, there seems to be tissue exhaustion factor that pumping can easily cause. All you have to do is sit there as long as you want and/or turn up the vacuum being reinforced by the artificial vision an an enormous cock in the cylinder, only to realize the next day that such episodes can result in loss of erectile tone and mass. I like your insights per optimum rather than maximum as in “coaxing”. I feel that jelqing and uli’s, which are stand-alone movements, are probably a very helpful addition to enhancing and solidifying/cementing gains.

It really is a learning curve involving, time, experience, study, much frustration, personal genetics, intuition, discipline, finesse/artistry. It about developing an effective technique. It is somewhat like learning to play the piano, how well did you do the first time, but with time, patience, knowledge, practice, the dexterity came resulting in accomplishment.

Merlin Alchemy of PE

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neural pathways

Find the August 2000 issue of Scientific American - any good-sized library will have it - and read Irwin Goldstein’s piece, “Men’s Sexual Circuitry” for a good explanation of sympathetic and parasympathetic neural interactions in erectile function.

It’s worth the read.




This is a great thread I learned a lot about pumping, also ZEP
that was a great description about fluid build up and why it doesn’t help increase size I was always confused about that and it’s pretty simple, your only stretching the skin. But it sounds like you guys could be on to something with this pump/jelq routine
if you can keep fluid retention down to a minimum. I think I’m going to try it.


one more thing

D —

Check this out,

Your penis size for the most part is a constant ; it’s so long, by so thick; this is your dick mass.IMO because pumping changes this size in realtime if you increase the girth then it would seem that the length would have to decrease.

For example if you start out prior to a pumping session at 7.75”x6.00” and at the conclusion you add 1/2 girth(doable) then this added size would be part skin stretch and part mass which is borrowed from the length.

I believe manual stretching in between pump intervals helps offset this effect, however I also feel this effect is projected forward into subsequent days and may be counterproductive to lengthing the penis unless supplemented with hanging. But then again hanging alone seems to work pretty well for length gains too.

This is only theory and observations I’ve gathered from my experiences with pumping for many years.

This newer approach discussed in this thread may provide different results.


To add to what zep said, I think Thunder’s suggestion of going into the cylinder fully erect makes a significant difference in the amount of lymphatic fluid subsequently sucked in. Better blood work as a result.




It’s interesting and inspiring to know the procedure how pumping veterans Avocet8, Merlin and Ledzep worked together to bring us an effective pumping + manual PE solution!


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