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Switching Gears: Adios My Pumper Friends

Switching Gears: Adios My Pumper Friends

I’ve pumped as a form of PE for the last time. Today has permanently warded me off of it. I have never reached a balance where I was experiencing a good consistent anything. Any positives would always be a ways between workouts, so I was always chasing a high to get that good pump induced erection that you can feel throughout the penis from base to tip.. that eventually led me to high pressure pumping years ago.

The last 5 weeks after a LONG hiatus from pumping as a means of PE has been more of the same. Even a custom slimmer pump I made to perfection to help curb balls suction hasn’t helped (it’s introduced new problems). I’ve even gone to the basic moderate pressure (can’t get hard at very low pressure) pump/release/rest/pump/release/rest blood flow helping routine. The work I had done with edging and using Viagra seemed to vanish a couple of days ago (months of dedicated work) the moment I pumped outside 10-15 minutes and placed some stress on the suspensory lig. My greatest fear re-emerged. My dick was numb at the base again. The brain/body connection once again suspended. Even after all this time and everything I’ve read and learned, I still couldn’t keep from over doing it even a little pumping, so it’s time to stop. A sad day for me because I hate quitting before a goal in anything.

A strange thing I never noticed before after years of doing this, was every 3rd or 4th day post an ejaculation, my penis would stop responding to the pump unless I rubbed one out again. So every 3rd or 4th day of a 10-15min pump/release/rest/pump/release/rest my dick would be dead. I was just pumping to get blood flowing in and out of there in maintenance fashion and was still hitting a wall. “Illogical”, I’m saying to myself today because unlike the earlier years it feels like I’m doing absolutely nothing pressure wise and yet I’m crashing just the same as if I was going high pressure AND at a tenth of the time. Nothing killer about the routine at all, so then one of those wacky ideas I get popped into my head saying “maybe a little more pressure will add some life.” Instead of stopping on the spot from probable fatigue like I’ve gotten into the habit of doing these days, I went the extra 9 yards until the pump was entirely driving my erection instead of assisting. I’m overdoing it, knowing I’m overdoing it, and finally mentally shouted “Screw it, something has got to give.. I’VE BEEN AT THIS FOREVER! I WANT TO SEE SOME CHANGES PENIS, AND I WANT TO SEE THEM NOW! SEVEN YEARS IS ENOUGH!” I’m intensely gazing at my “on life support via vacuum, Darth Vader dick” through the tube in a fit of rage frantically pumping away until the pressure is too high, I don’t even care about the workout anymore.. and that’s when I realized it’s over and released the pressure.

I’m nuts. If anybody was watching me in that moment they would’ve laughed hysterically at my priceless, immediate slip back to pumping insanity. I ended up right back where I started 7 years ago with my initial frustrations in pumping going as far as 6 months straight with no gain whatsoever, and if I can’t truly be Tibetan monk patient and disciplined doing this, then it’s not for me, and in my opinion, that is what it would take for ME to gain anything from it. Tibetan monk patience. Too many years have passed, and with my youth vanishing before my eyes there’s no way I can start now and hope to maybe to see a change in another 6 months of work (I’ll be beyond 26) or a year (on the way to 27). For me, pure pumping has been an almost solely maddening experience. Every time I see that illusionary erection and feel that blood rushing through areas that are normally dead, I get that “now we’re talking” positive reinforcement in my head. When I’m in a funk, the memory of those good sessions are what would have me keep at it. Over and over, around and around. Now I see I have no more marbles left. The only thing I got from all of this is that I should’ve abandoned pumping right away and taken up jelqing and quick squeezes for girth. That’s the only time my penis ever felt alive in the entirety of a workout and I could still get it up post workout. The end result of having a dead dick from even the easy pumping these days has been a downer. In all these years I just haven’t been able to find a winning formula with a pump. If the diameter of the cylinder is too big, my balls get sucked in. If the cyl is flared and a perfect fit, the balls will be kept out, but the base and my mushroom head are being crushed against the cyl walls because of the “no balls allowed” diameter. If I use a silicon sleeve to overcome that, there will be room for my head to breathe in a bigger tube, but the base will get squeezed by the small diameter of the sleeve, and the diameter of the sleeve is the way it is to keep the balls out. >_<

No matter what I do, I get a numb base or crushed head desensitizing my penis in the end. I could stick to pumping sessions that last only several minutes (like 5 or less), but that little work would provide little enlargement and benefit erectile quality (and who knows how long I’d have to wait to see if I my dick actually got harder from these ultra quick sessions.. probably at least 6 months *winces* I’m better off with Viagra and edging), so me pumping as a way to enlarge is finally out. There’s just got to be a better way for me.

I sent this thread in the direction of full package pumping in an effort to give Plasticman another option to consider, but apparently, when he said goodbye, he really meant it. I thought the info generated by the new direction this thread took should be given a better title that more accurately describes the info it contains, so all of the info previously contained in this thread has now been moved to a new thread called: Full Package Pumping

My sense, Plasticman, is that you need to get yourself a complete urological workup, to find out what the status of your erectile function is and what specifically is going wrong. At 26, you don’t fall into the usual, age-related categories of vascular problems. You may already have done this; if so, give me a link to where you’ve posted that.

Consider at least looking at pumping as an exercise, with no goal of size gain at all. If you are not getting the usual strong erections of your age group (nocturnals and sexual ones), you need to keep some form of regular, vascular exercise going; and pumping is a good one.




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