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Swimfan's Observation On Pumping

Swimfan's Observation On Pumping

Hey Guys,
I find that to by relaxing your lower abdonment area (which connects to your ligs) is very important to pumping.
At first I found my self “fighting” against the pump (I was also using too much pressure too fast), after a while I realized that I have to “Go with” the pump, relax my groin areas and let the pump pull on the ligs, this make me extend more and lets my ligs stretched out.
My gains (Half an inch) happened just a WEEK after I started doing this.

Pumping is by far the best method I feel which works for me.

I get more frequent boners, and harder erections along with my gains.

I have trail and error with many different techniques and when to take rest days, creams, weights…..
I now know that what feels like the most exciting method to you is best, because the best schedule is the one that you are going to DO and ENJOY!
Good Luck to All, SWIMFAN

I agree that in the beginning, before we get used to the sensations of pumping, there can be some resistance we just have to learn to relax into.

Glad to hear that erections are better. Over time, the vascular system begins to change, become more efficient in its delivery capacity. You may soon see more prominent veins/arteries showing on non-pumped erections. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s a cool look, I think.



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