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stretching after pumping

stretching after pumping

After I pump, i often have a shower and massage the penis whilst in there, but my penis feels like it wants to be stretched out and seems to respond well to it after a pump. Is the penis man telling me it should be stretched after a pump or what ?

I dont like the idea of jelqing straight after a pump , but will jelq on the same day.

jelquing after pump

I’d be really carelful about jelquing after pumping. I’ve pumped off an on for years, and tried using the Power Jelquer after pumping sessions for about 2 weeks. At first it was great - then I got a thrombosed vein! I guess from too much pressure on the veins in the shaft. Had to stop all jelging completely - I’m into my second week of off-time and will be seeing a urologist soon. I’d recommend if you want to jelq after pumping, start out REALLY slowly and gently, and proceed with caution.

Best of luck


Thanks 9soon but i was talking about stretching and not jelqing


I to am having trouble jelqing after pumping it’s really not helping I think. My penis has at least 20 red dots on it after a jelqing session plus it’s just getting beat up through jelqing. I am going to stop jelqing and just do manual stretching after I pump, hell all I want is more length not girth anyway, so I think it can’t hurt to do some stretching after or even before pumping.


hi,i think what would be better is to jelq as you would normally in your routine then after you could have a light pump session…..i mean by light as in pressure,so then you could have a pump for 5 or 10 or 15 mins but a low pressure

Hey GmanEA I know you...

Hey GmanEA,

Anyway, as for stretching after pumping, I don’t see why not, pumping is more like jelquing then any other workout (in that it pumps the cells full of blood) so you can stress the ligs afterwards with no detriment to rod.

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Just for the record, the cells can’t be pumped full with blood because the cells actually are the blood, which is expanding the tissue.




Hey Avocet,

Your right, I’m wrong, sorries.

I can resist everything except temptation...

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