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straighten out penis

straighten out penis


I got a slight bent to the left in my penis. Is it possible to get it straighten out again by pumping?

Try searching. This topic comes up all the time.

Cool, do you have some keywords for me I can use?

English is not my native language..

Pumping alone may not help, but I do a lot of erect bends after pumping, and it seems to have helped.

In Search, type “pumping with a curve”. I see several applicable threads there.

Pumping can contribute to straightening a curve though it probably won’t entirely straighten a mild one. Lots of guys have mild curves and bends and some of these are really a benefit during sex.



Hi Justsomeone. I see Avocet8 and other have contributed to this already. I too have a left curve but mine was pretty significant. I have found that with regular pumping 4-5 times a week or what ever I can manage seem to correct it somewhat. However one thing I know if that I would never want to give my curve up for anything even a few inches. Most of the women I have been with have never seen anything like it and it seems to work for them:-)

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