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Still not fully packing after 8 weeks

Still not fully packing after 8 weeks

I’m on 6.5 Hg In (2 x 10 mins daily) and only the lower 1/3 of my shaft is packing. I’ve been pumping for almost 8 wks. Is this normal? How long did it take you to pack the tube girth-wise?

It is normal and it took a long time for me to pack the tube. Some guys pack earlier. They are either fast gainers or they were “on the cusp” and needed to buy tighter tubes because of their girth when they started.



I’ve been a pumpin’ for a little over four weeks now. Since, my guage is fucked up, I now pump to slight discomfort and no more. Just a few days ago, with heat, I’m packing halfway after two 20 minute sessions. I did go another twenty, for the hell of it, and packed that tube girth-wise. Of course, I got alot of lymph build up and had to really turn and pull the tube to get it off. It was quite impressive, if you like your dick looking as if it were beat with a rolling pin.

Not recomended to do so.

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It’s normal. If you pack too soon most likely it’s because you are over pumping and filling your cock with fluid. It makes it seem like you are gaining more then when you take it slow but you aren’t.

Also try adding a heating pad during pumping around the cylinder to help keep everything warm and good blood flow. Heat should give you at least a little boost.

A lot depends on your starting girth and what diameter tube you bought. Did you by a tube close to your girth size, or one quite a bit bigger?

For me, once I started pumping for longer than 20 minutes, and got to 30 minutes, big changes took place, and that was when I first packed girth wise. I would think, that after 8 weeks you can start going for longer times in the tube, but at first, go back to 5 to 6 in hg for the longer session.

I bought an electric heat pad, and wrapped the tube in the pad while I pumped. It keeps you nice and warm, and stops condensation from forming. Got mine from Target, made by Kaz, with a 12x15 inch pad and soft cover, for about $15. A good investment.

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I have had a 2” cylinder for years and *still* never really packed it, only the base to about 1/3rd of the way up. My EG is now just a little over 5” and has been in this size range for a long time.

A different cylinder is probably the answer I’d say.

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I’m at 5.2 eg and only use a 1.75 in. cylinder. I can pack it only after a long session. I wouldn’t dream of using anything larger at this point. 2” is way too big for now.

"Don't be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie. Go to school and study computers instead." Jackie Chan


I have been trying to pack a 2inch tube for a year now my erect girth is about 5.6 and has not budged a mil for over a year regardless of what i do i can pack the bottom third and ithe only time i packed the tube was all fluid.This sux

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