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Started pumping!


Started pumping!

I have been an on and off PE’r since I joined this forum. Unfortunately I have also been a sucker to my own laziness and lust for instant results, which in many cases have resulted in me giving up. Other methods of PE seemed to be working for me as my girlfriend at the time would notice differences after a few weeks of me doing the exercises, but I never saw actual gains when I measured; eventually I stopped PEing.

Now I am back into PEing and decided to go the way of the Pump. Ive been strong headed and going with the Pump for 3 weeks now. I decided I shall measure 3-4 months into Pumping to ensure I don’t get deterred if I do not see measured gains instantly. I think Pumping is a better exercise for me as it fits in well with my personality and lifestyle. I sit, use the computer, watch TV etc… All I really have to do is maintain proper pressure; other PE exercises for some reason felt very fatiguing at times because it was very difficult for me to maintain a proper erection and proper jelqing technique.

I am still a student, and a Canadian. It was difficult for me to find a proper pump, finally I came across what I felt was a quality pump. My erection size in Girth is about 4.5 Max, but the smallest cylinder I could find was 1.75 (about 5.5 girth). Will this be a problem? So far it seems to have been working well for me.

Currently following the routine posted on the Vacuum 101 thread :D . After the amount of money I spent on that pump, and not to mention its not too difficult to do, I’m definitely gonna stick with it this time!

Starting BPEL: 5.6-5.75 Starting MSEG: 4.1 to 4.3

gprent’s excellent thread Selecting Your Cylinder Size suggests that a 1.75” cylinder should work for you, although the larger diameter (compared to the 1.5” which would otherwise be recommended for your size) might do more to encourage girth.

If it’s working for you, go with it. There are a limited number of places that sell 1.5” tubes. There are more options if you get into making or adapting your own from tubing or aquarium cleaning tubes.

Key to pumping: do it consistently, and do not overdo. Watch your EQ and PIs. Done correctly, you should actually get better erections over time. as well as greater size. If your dick starts looking or feeling ‘beat up’, you’re probably overdoing.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I’ve been at it for 1.5 Months or so now with the pumping. I told myself I would not measure till 3 months in, you guys think thats alright? I guess I’m just worried I won’t see any improvement and give up.

Starting BPEL: 5.6-5.75 Starting MSEG: 4.1 to 4.3

Don’t give up. Pumping is awesome, but it does not yield instant results for sure. I only started seeing noticeable gains inside the cylinder after 3 months. And I’m not even sure if those have translated into gains outside of the tube (I have a hard time measuring due to my curve). But I feel a difference in my dick and it looks bigger and that’s all that counts. If I keep gaining in the tube, surely I have gained outside?

So keep at it even if there are no gains to be seen in the your first 3 months. It will happen soon enough. Find a routine that works for you too. Thought avocet’s guide was a good place to start, I eventually noticed better reaction/results from changing things up and seeing how I responded to different pressures/timings.

Thank you for the encouraging words. I’ll keep at it and not think about gains for the time being. I’ll measure in 3 months and see how things progressed. It feels great and I’m loving what its doing for me so even if I don’t see gains by 3 months I’ll continue on with it!.

Starting BPEL: 5.6-5.75 Starting MSEG: 4.1 to 4.3

Welcome home TSX I can not take away from the many who have given you feedback before myself. However I will add that I have tried many forms of PE and in my case pumping is the best PE method, I made some very handsome gains from it. Moderation and consistency. Be sure to read Vacuum Pumping 101. Best wishes. P

05/12/2005 : BPEL: 6.1"x EG:5.5" Current as of : 24/12/2011 : BPEL 7.87" x EG: 6.3" Long term Goal 8.5"x 6.4"

" There is only one option success; for failure is the refusal to persist"

I have been at it since a little before the beginning of October. So just rounding off lets say October. So I’m 1 month 17 days in! From what I can tell I have not made any erect gains, but I have made flaccid gains. I’m just hanging very well throughout the day. I won’t be officially measuring my erect gains till Jan 1st (new year!). I took a sneak peak quickly with a ruler though and noticed I had not gained anything erect (only flaccid gains so far). Anyways, just praying that when I do measure in about 2 months I’ll see some real erect gains!

Personally how long has it taken any of you guys to notice erect gains with pumping?

Starting BPEL: 5.6-5.75 Starting MSEG: 4.1 to 4.3

Hey TSX, I have not been able to stick with a routine either. Try your best to stick with it. I want to encourage you.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

This is a case where you may need to do more measuring than you are used to.

If you have not done so already, you might want to measure girth at multiple points along your penis: base, girth, and below the glans in addition to MSEG.

Even before you measure at the end of three months, if you hold to that, you will likely notice subjective (visual, tactile) changes in how your penis responds to vacuum in the course of a session. For me, my girth gains started at the base and progressed distally from there.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the response, I start measuring at multiple points on my penis to gauge girth gains. I have already noticed visual changes as well as just the overall feel. My penis when erect just feels thicker in my hands.

What I did start noticing which is of some concern is my Veins, I’m becoming extremely veiny on my penis, it looks awesome! What worries me is when i squeeze my penis, or when I do a Jelq it looks as if those already huge veins are get even bigger and might explode. My Veiny area’s are also becoming more sensitive to pressure, not sure if it is actually becoming more sensitive or if I’m just noticing it now making me psychologically think I’m gonna cause my veins to rupture. Is this something I should worry about? Or is the chances of my veins rupturing minimal?


Starting BPEL: 5.6-5.75 Starting MSEG: 4.1 to 4.3

If your getting more veins that is a definite sign of growth. Keep doing what your doing and possibly add in some manual exercises 3 days a week. Also if your not doing it make sure you get into warming and heating. In my opinion you will gain at least twice as fast.

I’ve been pumping on and off myself. However, a few years ago, I did it consistently and I must say, I’ve added 1/4 inches to my girth. I would go as far and say permanently. After that I just pumped on and off to maintain. Maybe the on/off pumping made me maintain? Who knows. However, now I started pumping consistently and will continue to do so.

I have a question for you guys. Did anyone ever use a penis extender device and gained results? I’ve used it years back, and I’m not sure if I gained anything but overtime I was about 1/2 inches longer. I’m not sure if it was from jelqing/stretching or the device, or both. I’m starting to use the penis extender device 3 hours a day again. Has anyone seen results from this device? Please let me know. Thanks.

I personally have no experience with a Penis Extender so I would not be able to answer you.

On another note it is exam week for me so I will stop pumping/PE for approximately 2 weeks time. I have only been on the pump for about 2.5 months or so, how much damage do you guys think this whole 2 week break is gonna do to my progress?

It seems that the 1.75’ cylinder is too large for me, I’m at best around 4.3’ girth. I plan to get an LA Pump and Cylinder kit with a 1.5’ Cylinder. Hopefully I will get better results from that.


Starting BPEL: 5.6-5.75 Starting MSEG: 4.1 to 4.3

I have also been pumping for about 1.5 months. I was about 4.5-4.75. I started with a cheap 2.5 ” pump kit which obviously was the wrong size. I ordered a 1.5 oval cylinder which I am just beginning to pack from the base up to about 2” It seems to be a perfect size. I also ordered a 1.5” tube before I started to pack the oval. I pack the 1.5 tube from base to head. Useless for girth but may help length.

The 1.5 oval tube seems to be a mid size between 1.5 round and 1.75 round.

I ordered it through Mr s Leather for about $50 (It has an LA Pump label on it)

Well, been on a pump break due to exams as well as having a Cylinder thats too large for myself. I have been pumping without a gauge ever since my pump with a gauge broke… after taking this break I have realized I might have over-worked/over-pumped my penis. So its good that I’m getting a solid 2-3 weeks off the pump. Ordering a Lap Pump and Cylinder (1.5’ this time). Excited and Can’t wait to get back into the routine, this time ensuring I never pass 3.5 HG.


Starting BPEL: 5.6-5.75 Starting MSEG: 4.1 to 4.3

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