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Sore balls after pumping..?


Originally Posted by lilb
Saw this thread and had a similar experience to this. Long time lurker, first time poster.

Anyways.. I started pumping (bathmate hercules) about a month ago. I was actually making some very nice gains. In 3 weeks I went from 150 mark to the 160 mark, Great EQ, and noticed approximately a .2” gain in MSEG (not aware if these were permanent or not but still cool!) but after those 3 weeks I was experiencing a dull pain after pumping somewhere in my left testi. I also noticed when pumping my left testi (normally hangs lower than my right one) seems to get pulled up when using the bathmate. Not actually getting sucked up into the bathmate like I read from warning and other users, But it just seemed to start getting pulled up. So after the 3 weeks I noticed my spermatic cord very inflamed with a dull, “toothache” like pain throughout the day (after pumping) right above my LEFT testi. So I did some research reading about all the horrifying testicular injuries such as testicular torsion and epididymitus (sp?) but I came to the conclusion that it was a varicocele.

For those who don’t know “Varicocele /ˈværɨkɵsiːl/ is an abnormal enlargement of the pampiniform venous plexus in the scrotum. This plexus of veins drains the testicles. The testicular blood vessels originate in the abdomen and course down through the inguinal canal as part of the spermatic cord on their way to the testis. Upward flow of blood in the veins is ensured by small one-way valves that prevent backflow. Defective valves, or compression of the vein by a nearby structure, can cause dilatation of the testicular veins near the testis, leading to the formation of a varicocele.”

So now I am a little worried about using the BM because I never noticed this varicocele before using the BM. And have came to two scenarios with the BM:
1. While pumping, I positioned the bathmate too LOW on my sack (because I have a pretty bad turkey neck going on) and sucked a pre-existing varicocele into the BM. Because it was sucked in a lot of blood pooled in the varicocele cause it to get inflamed, swell up and be painful.
2. While pumping, I positioned the bathmate too LOW on my sack and while pumping to max pressure I compressed the spermatic cord too much, causing damage to it and causing a varicocele to form.

I then took a week off all PE exercises and for the most part the pain went away, swelling went away. It is still there, I can feel it (“bag of worms” type feeling) but it has gone down significantly. After my week off I started a light pumping routine with low-mid pressure. Making sure to position the BM high enough on the pelvic that my varicocele does NOT get sucked up into the bathmate (although because of my turkey neck my unit is up against the bottom of the BM). So far I pumped for 2 days without any pressure, inflamation or pain.

Varicoceles are quite common approximately 15% of young adults from ages 15-25 develop one (and I am 22). But I am still quite worried about the Bathmate because of the amount of pressure it puts on the base of the pelvis and top of the scrotom especially pumping to max pressure. I feel like if I got the x30/x40 this wouldn’t happen cause they have a hand pump.

The reason I wanted to post was because OP seemed to have very similar symptoms as mine and wanted to get an update on if OP was still using the BM and if he was still experiencing any of his symptoms and just to share my story/ideas. This was disappointing cause them gains felt amazing and I want to get back to it. But I read if a varicocele gets too big/painful surgery could be required. Havent visited a dr. Yet but I am going to schedule an appointment to get checked out. Any ideas/recommendations would be awesome!

Edit: BTW forgot to add that sex/masturabtion is fine. No pain during/afterwards. Plumming seems to be fine. Ejaculate still same color/sensation.

Great post explaning the riks of using bathmate.

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Originally Posted by as_si_pe
Right now, after my second session with the Bathmate, I just noticed my left vas deferens is so swollen I can see it lumping up beneath my scrotum like I’ve never seen it before and I’m getting worried because no Bathmate or other pump reviews I’ve seen so far ever mentioned this, though now it seems to me both obvious and inevitable that this should happen whenever I pump.
Now in my case there’s only very slight soreness and I’m trying to keep my hopes up that the swelling will go down and everything will return to normal, but if it doesn’t then WTF - have I just given myself an unplanned vasectomy? O_O

Back to clarify things because I’ve had the same experience again in June when I was nowhere near a Bathmate and I think I’ve figured out what it actually was: the not-quite-mythical “blue balls”. I was in no position to recognize that situation last year since it had never happened to me before, but sure enough the problem was a buildup of semen that was blocked somewhere along the vas deferens due to an “incompletely processed erection” :P and/or the base of the tube pressing against my body at the same time. This year in June it was just a series of “incompletely processed erections” happening on the same day that lead me to it and after I read about it online and figured out that it might be “blue balls” I “processed” myself to ejaculation and, sure enough: instant relief. That’s what I should’ve done the first time too, but since I didn’t know what was causing the pain I was afraid to do anything too strenuous to that area for a few days and ironically that must’ve prolonged the pain.

Since I figured this out I’ve been much more confident about using the Bathmate regularly - about twice a week - allowing sufficient time off for tissue repair and sometimes also to allow any persistent mild discomfort to go away (which it always does in 2 days or less). I think I’m already moving into permanent-gain territory with my girth but I don’t want to stop long enough to make sure - all I know so far is that I’m still going to see 4.8” on the tape even if I stop for a week.

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I don’t use a pump but some days I do get sore balls too. They only ease up once I ejaculate.

I have this sensation, too. I do three rounds of 5 minutes with my bathmate in the shower and that seems to have ended the sensation for me.

I love my cock. I just want it to be the best cock it can be!

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Hello all. I am new to Thundersplace, as well as to the Bathmate Hercules. I purchased the Hercules last night. Eager, I ran through a 15 minute session last night. After some sucking up of the testicles, I managed to get the thing on properly or so I thought. My balls ache so badly today. I too have pretty pronounced turkey neck. Reading all these comments I’m thinking; would it make sense to pull the scrotum back so it is tucked behind the anus, then enter the Bathmate with say, a 80% erection? Thoughts on this. I’m trying to figure out a good routine with this device and I gotta say, the pain I’m in today is a bit discouraging.

This thing with pressure on the nuts has always freaked me out, I don’t want to risk damage. When I pump I use a cylinder that my entire base can fill, I mean there is a tiny bit of room at the base when I put it in erect but after a little bit of pumping it completely presses against the sides and seals it.

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Think I finally figured this thing out. So I found sitting in the bath while placing the bathmate higher up so the penis is touching the bottom of the chamber and pulling the scrotum down and back helps. First set at 5 minutes, hit 170.


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