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Something interesting

Something interesting

I have started to notice that it may not be necessary to pump everyday as I had been to gain. What I mean is that I’ve been noticing improvements in length and girth while in tube even on an infrequent basis, but also that my length is improving at a much more rapid rate with the infrequent sessions. I’ve switched from jelqing between sets to ulis between sets. I’ve been really lazy with the sessions lately because of time and being busy with school etc. but it doesn’t seem to be effecting progress at all. Has anyone else noticed gains while on an abbreviated/infrequent schedule? Does this dry up at some point, or is it as always an individual thing?

Ok, well I’ve had a few more sessions with the longer duration set, varying pressure, and squeezes afterwards. I have noticed that my girth post session is nearing the 6” mark and my hang is much better and has a bit more girth even after a day or two off. It’s been a cool process, and I really love pumping as it’s given me great gains so far and I am enjoying each and every session when I have the opportunity to have one. It’s definitely been worth the investment, and I have been keeping a log for my sessions since I started. Things are going very well right now, except for the end of semester bs at the moment, but I will persevere.

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