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Some vacuum to hanging equivalents

Some vacuum to hanging equivalents

Hey guys!

I just wanted some place to keep this info for future use (by me mostly :) ).

I hooked my digital fish scale to my homemade vacuum hanger (which has an attachment to imput vacuum) to get some rough equivalents of lbs of force to inches of mercury vacuum.

Heres what I found;

2 in hg apx= 1.50-1.65 kg (3.3-3.63 lbs)
3 in hg apx= 2.00-2.28 kg (4.4-5.02 lbs)
4 in hg apx= 2.50-2.80 kg (5.5-6.16 lbs)
5 in hg apx= 3.50-3.80 kg (7.7-8.36 lbs)

This was rough, obviously I didn’t get a dead on measurement, but the range was consistant. Pretty decent wt conversion to longitudinal hanging stress, conbinded with girth stress.

I didn’t go higher, because I don’t go higher, but you could roughly figure out higher numbers.

Good luck!

Well that’s pretty interesting, sparkyx. I’d kind of casually wondered if there was an equivalent, but unlike you, I was just too lazy to figure it out. Thanks!

:_pump: :donatecar

Not too lazy, you probably didn’t have the right equipment to measure.

I had made a vacuum hanger some time ago, that has a air valve connected to it to draw vacuum and shut off to hold the vacuum. It allows me to set the vacuum level and then release it to get out.

Its perfect to allow me to hook up the vacuum gauge while pulling with the digital scale. I had done it once before a couple years ago, but misplaced the info, I figured here was a great place to keep it and share it while I was at it.

I wonder about the jump at 5 in hg, but I rechecked several times and thats what I got. Maybe I’ll repeat it in a few days.

You should ask mbuc to chime in on this.

regards, mgus

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How about a vacuum cleaner hose? Hehehehe!

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Sparkyx, thanks, once again, for some more very important informations on how PE works. That’s very important to all the pumpers and hangers, or even to those who are trying the two methods.

Big big hug.

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Redid the experiment, this time changing the initial vacuum level needed to keep the hanger on. After several baseline vacuums, which did effect the outcome, I settled on a 0 initial in hg, and was able to measure without it coming off.

It was as follows;

1 in hg= apx 1 lb 6 oz
2 in hg= apx 2 lbs 4 oz
3 in hg= apx 3 lbs 8 oz
4 in hg= apx 4 lbs 14 oz
5 in hg= apx 6 lbs 3 oz

I would have thought that it didn’t matter the initial vacuum level, as long as the vacuum generated for that poundage exceeded the baseline, it would be accurate…it didn’t work out that way. SOOOOOO, I really don’t know how accurate these numbers are.

If there is anybody out there that knows more about this, please post!!!!

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