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Some more Questions!

Some more Questions!


I got a few more questions after using the pump.

I only want to gain girth, i am 5.5” in girth and 8” in length but my Cylinder is also 8”, should I buy a longer cylinder even if I just want girth ?

The first times I used the pump I couldn’t get very big, but this last time I used it It filled up the whole cylinder, I had a warm up that was about 10 minutes before this one, was it the warm up that made so much difference ?

I pumped for about 10 minutes and veins are showing now, what did I do wrong ? I was thinking I pumped with too high pressure, but how do you know if it is too much ?


Did you follow the instructions in avocet8’s Pumping 101 in the pumpers forum? Also, you might want to say how big around the cylinder is, otherwise the guys have no way of knowing what you’re packing with your 5.5 girth, other than it’s 8” in length.

I’m not a pumper as of yet, so I can’t help you with this. But I know that the exact dimensions of the cylinder will make it easier for others to help you.

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Zerkstykk -

Heat makes a huge difference in the performance of the workout. Never discount proper preparation using heat and stretches.

I warmup with a heating pad 10 minutes before, I use it during the pump session and 10 minutes after.

Pumping pressures and duration should be like what is shown in Pumping 101. It is a good routine stick with it, and take it easy.

I feel that a 10” long tube works best for almost all guys. If you are 8” L in an 8” tube, you are going to have days when you get more expansion than usual and you end butting up against the air valve at the top and that can hurt, even abraid your glans. If you are 5.5 ” length normal erect and you get eventually to 8” in the cylinder, that’s pretty much the end of that cylinder’s use for you.

Start out big on tube length, and pay closer attention to tube girth, is my advice.



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