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So, can I expect permanent gains from pumping ?


So, can I expect permanent gains from pumping ?

eheheh, chill man :D

You’re a funny guy.

I like funny guys.



Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


The whole thing is a ruse. Nobody who pumps even makes temporary gains. It’s a big joke.

I represent all the major pump companies as their agent. I just love it when one of you suckers orders a pump. Another notch on my mortgage payment is the way I see it.



Got a question about packing the pump. I have been doing this for a while, and the only part that packs is the head to about half way back. My question is, will the back half eventually learn to pack the pump as well or will I be stuck with just the front end? First post too btw.

You’re double-posting. Same question by you appears in the Pumping 101 thread. I’ll leave this one here for now but watch that. We all get bored reading things twice.




Sorry for the double post. Newbie mistake. Thanks for the info in the other.

No problem. Have fun. Be careful. Keep us up on what’s happening for you.



shhhh , we all know pumping is nothing but a huge scam but lets try to keep it quiet.

By the way I know you bastards were all ready to flame me :D .

>You’re a funny guy.

>I like funny guys.

You’re a funny guy, Solly. I like you. That’s why I’m going to kill you last.

Nitro gets the joke - right?

yea Im a fuckin liar !

And a funny one.

Don’t believe a word he says, guys. But enjoy him. He’s waaay cool.



I have had decent results with dry jelq, and pumping, I usually do 10 min, dry jelq and then 20 min pumping, day on day off. I did this for a month, I went from 6in nbp to 6.50 npb, quit for 2 wks and still have the same measurements. I wrap the foreskin beneath the glans, to help eliminate the “doughnut” effect. Does this work for anyone else?

I gained 1.5 inches in three months using a home made pump. Still getting bigger

I can also get a 7.5 inch around penis in about 30 minutes of pumping

Hey Nelson,

Could you please post your stats?

I mean how much you gained in the first month, second, etc. What were your pumping routine?

Starting Stats (February, 2006): 6” NBPEL, 5” EG Mid-Shaft; Current: 6 ⅝” NBPEL, 5 ½” EG Mid-Shaft; Goal: 8x6” NBP.

half an inch every month

Started at 6.5 inches long
Now I am at 8 inches long

pump for 20 minutes then release
pump for another 20 minutes then release with a 1.5 ID cylinder

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