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So, can I expect permanent gains from pumping ?


Originally Posted by Sir Wally
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Basing on what I’ve read around, I don’t think pumping gains are permanent for the vast majority of people. For example, two members, Buby and Mark001, were big fans of pumping and really convinced of the permanence it could give.

Buby had done pumping for 4 years, so he knew something about; when those guys quitted for some weeks pumping, they lost gains.

They were honest enough to admit they were wrong, and they deserve respect for that.

And here’s what the man who’s considered one of the most knowledgeable on the subject wrote:

Originally Posted by avocet8
Having thought about it a good deal, now into my second year of pumping, and talked with other experienced pumpers, I believe that pumping gains, achieved by pumping alone, are not permanent. Stop pumping entirely and you will likely go back gradually to Square One, is my view.

zep, and others

“Having thought about it a good deal, now into my second year of pumping, and talked with other experienced pumpers, I believe that pumping gains, achieved by pumping alone, are not permanent. Stop pumping entirely and you will likely go back gradually to Square One, is my view.”

Well, that was a long time ago. Now I believe that you won’t lose all your gains by quitting PE totally. I went on from back then and gained further. I do virtually no PE now, yet I lost no girth. I do have a half inch of L that comes and goes. Just a couple of short manual routines and a pump session or two will get that back. So…I’m amending what I said back then.

There are others here at Thunders who say they quit PE, but still have what they gained.



It seems to me that the permanence (not sure that’s a word) of gains achieved through pumping can be taken on a case by case basis. Then again, that applies to PE in general. There are guys on this board that never once touched a pump and ultimately lost their gains once they stopped PE. On the flip side, there are those who stopped PE and never lost a cm. That being said, I think pumping is the same as any other PE technique with respect to how permanent the gains are. Some need maintenance and some don’t.

While I’m thinking of it, let me say something else. PE takes time. Sometimes, even years. So, whether you are pumping, hanging, etc, and you haven’t cemented a solid inch in gains over the course of six months, that is meaningless. You’ve got to be consistent. Be patient. Your dick isn’t going anywhere.

I just ordered a pump and from what I’ve read lower pressure seems to have given pumpers quicker results without decreasing EQ. I’m going to combine the pumping 101 routine with dry jelqs whenever I can during the day along with a kegel routine. Ill post my thoughts and results every week, I’ve done manual exercises but never stayed on a day to day routine, however I did manual stretching and hanging everyday and gained just over an inch in EL in about 5 months, lol I only did the exercises on days where I knew I was having a girl over. I can’t wait for my pump to come in so I can get started!

I’m medium weight body builder and my experience with that in relation to PE is that over training in anything ruins your efforts all together and sometimes brings your results to a stop no matter how much you do. So with pumping or any other PE exercise I believe lower pressure and breaks between “sets” every ten minutes followed with jelqs is perfect for gaining. Also knowing when to end your routine I believe is key, listen to you dick, just like you were lifting weights.

I think a lot depends upon exactly WHAT point of measure we accept as the “immediate gain” - for sure, what *I* measure immediately out of the tube is NOT what I will measure a week later, with no further pumping.

BUT, after steady and longer term sessions, there WILL likely be significant, more permanent gains that WILL remain. I pump at higher vacuum, and for far longer lengths of time than most - and have made about a 1 inch permanent gain in length, and at least the same in girth - but nothing really close to what I have right out of the tube - and right out of the tube is what I frequently use with my wife - and THAT is currently 7.5 length x 7 girth. A few years back, when asked if she would enjoy sex better if I was a bit larger, my wife replied “sometimes” - and now, it takes me a full 5 minutes to get fully inserted - with LOTS of lubricant and steady strong-but-slow thrusts before she stretches enough for normal action - this morning she stated I was getting “too BIG”! She was referring to girth - I still only faintly detect anything that might be “bottoming out” - so am now putting together a longer tube - I’ve outgrown the 7.3x2.5 one I have been using up to now - I’m seriously shooting for 9 inches BPEL - but doubt pumping alone will get me there.

I’m quite fortunate that my wife is fully aware and supportive of my efforts to cope with ED and use of the pump - and with my gains, has been increasingly interested and cooperative in frequent sex - something she never was when I was smaller - I’m fully convinced that bigger IS better - and makes for FAR greater satisfaction and interest for BOTH sexual partners.

I only wish I had been aware of PE decades ago!


Damn Nelson.7.5 girth is third leg! You do two 20s a day? Thanks. What pump do you use.can you send me a link to get one? Thanks

Mr Nelson, what pump do you use? Where can I get one? Thank you.


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