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Small pump at 4hg,donut at 5hg.....

Small pump at 4hg,donut at 5hg.....

In otherwords,if I stay at 4hg,I can do atleast 4 sets of 10(the most I have ever done at one time anyway) and received no fluid build up.But I only got about a 1/8 inch pump(Maybe a little more,but not much).
But with just 2 sets of 10 at 5hg I get a better pump(usually about 1/4 inch) but I get fluid build up.

My question is,should I stay at 4hg or go up to 5hg.4hg Seems like the obvious answer,but the small pump worries me( By the way,I am referring to girth, have not measure length).
Will I eventually get bigger pumps? Should I just not worry about the pump( since I also use a clamp,which gives me a bigger pump).

Also,why does it seem like no one else gets a pump at 5hg(which is considered a small vaccuum measurement).
I actually dont feel the difference between 4hg and 5gh,but like I said, the fluid seems to make the difference.

For anyone with long term pumping experience,do you guys ever notice that the pump gets bigger and bigger as you go along?
Should I follows avocets pump routine w/clamping exercises afterwards?

Or what would be an optimal routine with clamping and pumping(interms of sets,times,and order of exercises).

Thanks for anyone who can answer my questions…

Since you are so sensitive to the difference between 4 and 5 HG (fluid buildup at 5, but not 4) you try condom pumping which will give you a little more pressure latitude but probably prevent the doughnut from occuring. Take a look at the link and see if that makes sense. I know it’s a long thread but there is a lot of discussion within it.



I am by no means an expert pumper but I did find that wraping the affected area with an Ace bandage does wonders to prevent the “donut effect” at higher vacuum’s. I never go above 6” Hg. I cut the strip into 1 1/2” by 8-12 inches. This also assumes your using a cylinder large enough so that the ace does not drag too much along the side. I have even lubed the ace and it seems to adhere better to itself and slide in the cylinder better also. The Ace bandage I am referring to is a sort of self adhesive stretchable (skin tone) material.
I also leave the wrap on for at least 10 minutes after the end of a workout. If I do get a little donut it goes away in a few hours at most.

Good luck.

Also, try water pumping. It feels very different, but in my experience you can pump for much longer periods with a much reduced donut effect. I used to get quite a bit of donutting (especially when I was experimenting at the start!), but since I’ve been water pumping I get almost no donut, regardless of how long I pump for.


Thanks you guys for the replies…

I cant do water pumping,since I have a gauge on my pump.

I tried the condom pumping w/ a theraband strip around the circ. scar that gets the donut.I will post in a seperate thread my results and a question.

Hi everyone. My question is has anyone experianced a donut at base of penis not just below glans,and if so how to prevent this from accuring.Thanks.


I have a kaplan pump with a guage and water pump regularly with no problems at all. Depending on how much you want to risk your pump it might be worth trying it.


How do you get this base donut? I’ve never experienced one, but let us know what you are doing and we might be able to help. Also, try starting up your own post in the newbie forum, asking a mod to move it to the pumpers forum. This might get more responses.

Originally Posted by Lordbase
I have a kaplan pump with a guage and water pump regularly with no problems at all. Depending on how much you want to risk your pump it might be worth trying it.

I have one too… so you just fill it with (warm) water and squeeze the pump handle as usual?

Start: 6.3 x 5.2 (Feb '05)

Now: 7.9 x 5.65 (gain 1.6 x 0.45) - SFL 8.6"

Goal: 8.5 x 6.0 - Currently trying: handclamp squeeze, O-bends. My data - Progress log

Yeah I just fill it to the brim with water that’s as warm as comfortable and then insert my fella while standing over the bath (quite a lot splashes out, but try and avoid getting any air in it). Keep the pump pushed against you initially and pump really slowly, this is something very different to air pumping. Air compresses and stretches, water does not. This means that every drop of water out of the tube has to be replaced by a drop of blood in your cock. If you pump out the water faster than you can pump in fresh blood you will get donutting. I only need to pump up to about 4-5”, which gives me plenty of vacuum.

Once I have the tube attached I tend to detach the hose and get on with life. I usually have to take out a few more squirts of water (maybe half a full squeeze of the handle) every 10-15 minutes or so. This way I am able to comfortably pump for 1+ hours at a time.

Let me know if you want any more detail and I’ll write you an essay on it.

But just to make sure I want to reiterate this is not air pumping if you pump like you do with air pumping (quickly or with high pressure) you will destroy your unit. Do it slowly and safely and it will be fine. Just be sensible, slow and patient. Most importantly listen to your dick, if it is uncomfortable release some of the vacuum.

Good luck.

Lordbase,this sound really cool.

Elaborate as much info as possible(unless you gave all the info already that is).

I tried pumping w/ water once with my pump. but got worried because the water was sucked into the clear tubing that connects the pump handle to the pump tube.Is the suppose to happen?Logically I want to say yes,but it never hurts to ask.

But thanks for the info and any more info and tips you may have.

Sorry about the delay here, I’m not always around.

As for whether you get water in the tube: yes, it is pumped up the tube and squirts out the little hole at the back of the pump. I feared rust and other adverse effects, but there doesn’t seem to be a problem, just make sure that when you are finished you get all the water out of the tube and pump. I find that just holding the release button and pumping the handle half a dozen times is sufficient.

As for elaborating, let me know what you want to know and I’ll try and help. My routine depends on how much time I have free, I am not as consistent as I’d like to be, but I do what I can.

If there is anything that’s unclear then feel free to give me a shout, but I think my post above covers the basics. Just remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people ;)

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