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Sleeve for seal

Sleeve for seal

Does anyone know where you can buy a slip on sleeve for the aquatic vaccum tube to get a goos seal & not hurt the skin. I tried the pastic dip & it fell off too soon. So I was wondering a slip on sleeve would be better & replacement easily available. The plastic dip I bought, was useful only once, I did close it tight, but it became hard in the container itself & couldnt use it any more. I did see a sleeve some where on the web, but it was way too expensive. Anyone has bought from any other website or store please let me know. Thanks.

Get A old bike tube,cut it about 3in. ,put half on outside then fold the

rest inside. Works great.



That is an excellent idea. Probably worth even buying a new bike tube.

where do you get a used bike tube?

From a used bike! They (used innertubes) are “a dime a dozen”.

ps “trash day”

What I meant was is there a store like a place where I can look for the used inner tube???


A new tube is going to set you back maybe 10 bucks, plus it will be clean and you will be able to make probably 15 sleeves from it. Pretty cost effective I think. And easier to find then someone discarding a tube because of a flat tire. You are going to have to visit a bicycle shop anyway and if they are into repairs, they might just have used, as well as new of course. With new, you can get the exact size you need.

can someone please explain, how to convert the tube into a sleeve. Do we cut & then paste it onto the tube, how it hold?

Originally Posted by mine_photo
can someone please explain, how to convert the tube into a sleeve. Do we cut & then paste it onto the tube, how it hold?

The rubber sleeve will held on the tube by tension, assuming that the diameter of the sleeve is slightly less than the tube. Most bike tubes are 1.5 to 1.75 inches in diameter. If you have access to a Wal Mart, you can get bicycle tubes there fo around $2. Don’t get the self-sealing type, as they have some goo inside them.

The tube was not my ideal, I read it on the forum, but I forgot who wrought

it. All I know is that it works.


So I got the tube from walmart for $4. As suggested cut it, pulled it over, that was very hard considering the width was shorter. Then folded the other half inside. But that kind of reduced the width of the tube & now I can even put my penis in inside the tube now, Am I missing somthing here or did I do it wrong. Any deas or ways that I can increase the width or widen the opening????

Only fold about 1/4in. on the inside will help.


I also went to walmart and bought a bicycle tube but it turned out too small. It won’t fold in because it is stretched out too far. What size tube did you guys get? I got the 1.75-2.125 but like I said it was too small. It was biggest one they carried though. Maybe I will have to go to a bike shop and see tomorrow.

Mine and others: I originally posted the tube idea here, although it was Tom Hubbard’s innovation on the original site years ago. I find that you need a Motorcycle tube to fit the gravel tube. The 1.5” tube is way too small for that tube. Most Motorcycle tubes run about $6-7. Ask they may have one laying around in the shop. Steve


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