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Skin Darkening Question

Skin Darkening Question

I have not been pumping for the past two months because of some small sores and darkened skin on my cock. The sores have healed and the dark skin is slowly starting to recede. I have missed my pumping sessions, but wanted the darkness of the skin to go away. I feel that the reason for both the small sores and the darkening was caused by over pumping and what happened is blood was pulled into the skin and caused the darkening.

I want to start pumping again. I still have the problem with about half my cock being dark (center part). Does anyone else have this problem and do you just live with it?


I had two long, dark bands on the underside of my shaft that I got doing overly aggressive Horses. They’ve taken more than a year to fade. I’d have been more concerned if they were topside of the shaft and very obvious in a gym locker room.



I got the same problem after i start hanging, my hanger was too tight and i didn’t pad enough.

I would rather have a larger cock that was darker than the rest of my skin, than a smaller cock with matching skin. As a newbie I have yet to develop darkening, though my dick turns a nice dark orange after the vacuum pumping I’ve done for years.

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5

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