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Size detriment

Size detriment

Hello, with regards to the topic heading my question is this with pumping jelqing etc…….. is there a point when the external length and width of the penis is greater then those parts inside (which to my knowledge can’t be exercised) that the weight is too much for the ligaments to cope with because I already have some hanging problems in that I don’t stand straight up to the ceiling now it may be age related or not but its just not pointing up so is that a factor we need to take into account when doing PE?

Did you used to point at the ceiling? Many guys see improved EQ as a result of PEing. I am heading off to bed and am to tired to hunt up an EQ thread right now.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

As an orthodox medical practitioner I understand what you are asking. I’m leaning ( forgive the pun ) more towards an Eastern approach to understanding how the body reacts to input and stimuli.. Have a look at this video ~

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It’s a very basic approach, and the idea of “centering chi” might not work for you immediately, but it did for me. It taught me to center myself and got rid of a lot of my deep seated aches and pains.

In answer to the question from iamaru yes I did used to point to the ceiling so to speak but not done so for sometime now I fully admit that my bc muscle’s are pathetic and am trying to work on them for bladder control and other.

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