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Simple question for seasoned pumpers.

Simple question for seasoned pumpers.

Let me start off by saying thank you to everyone on the forum for all your wisdom and honesty. It is much appreciated and encouraging.

So the question..

Which is the best pump and why? (Money is no obligation in the sense that it’s my little feller and want the best for him/us)

Also electric vs hand held. Water vs dry..

I have been looking on at the glans xpans pro cylinder ( ) with a brass body pump ( ) and would appreciate peoples feedback.

Also I’m a little confused with the measurements and which cylinder to buy. I’m BPEL=7” EG=5” and I’m mainly looking to pump for girth.

I’ve read pumpers 101 (I think thats the name of the thread) and there is awesome stuff on there but after 30+ pages I got a little discombobulated so am currently sifting through again from page one post one and taking notes this time.

Thanks guys.. Keep up the awesome work and good luck!

If you are a newbie, don’t worry about pumping until you’ve put in a good solid three months with the regular old newbie routine with your hands.

Why? Newbie routine will give you knowledge about your penis and how it responds to PE. You need that kind of knowledge before you start out with devices in order to proceed safely.

Besides you may get everything you need from a manual routine.

That being said, here are the quality cylinders I either own or have seen in person:

bostonpump standard design
vacutech thick wall
LA pump

Each of those are well built. Boston Pump standard is the least expensive, but I love mine.

Dunno that glanspro looks a bit gimmicky to me.

Cylinder sizing here:

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

Sta-kool, thanks for the advice. I think your right and will wait to start pumping. I just have been smashing the forum and got a little excited. I have been doing the newbie routine (did for 2 weeks then stopped a week ago) and stopped cause I felt I strange sensation at the base of my cock after stretching and I sought of freaked out. So I will get back to it in the next few days.

As for the glanspro I was going to get it cause it came in a e-z version which I read somewhere on here that was good for guys whose erections are quite vertical??

I’m sure the questions I’ve asked have been done so a million times I just felt that after hours of reading there was no clear choice as to what pump to use. Will check out the sites you’ve mentioned. Thanks again.

I would recommend getting either the HO1 or HO2 from Yinyangchi instead of the Glans Xpands because your penis can get longer and not throw off the size of the cylinder. Admittedly I’m still learning what I’m doing when it comes to pumping wet as some of my other posts indicate, but I am very impressed with the HO2 and VHSPOLY I ordered. I’m going to do a detailed review once I get the whole “how to pump wet without fucking it up” thing down. The measurements given on the site didn’t work for me and he made a custom HO2 for me. It works fine to pump with air, I just don’t like the way that feels so I won’t be doing it. You can see the cylinders here:

Great point I never thought of that. I will check out that site too. Thanks

Thanks for the new site moresize1.

I have thought about buying a head pump before but to me they seem like they would be uncomfortable when it comes to pulling out. God forbid you over do it and get stuck.

Too funny the pumps look identical to the ones they sell on the pump sites. Well done iamaru. Nice find.

That is the pump I have, it is excellent. When you order your cylinder you will also need to get a “male connector”. That goes on the end of the pump’s hose. You plug the male connector into the female connector on the cylinder.

Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider
Thanks for the new site moresize1.

I have thought about buying a head pump before but to me they seem like they would be uncomfortable when it comes to pulling out. God forbid you over do it and get stuck.

The site isn’t new at all, it’s been around for years. The guy just doesn’t do a lot of advertising and isn’t active on PE boards, so if you don’t happen to see the link on Tiger Pumping I have no idea how else you would hear of him.

With the head cylinders, he told me that you’re only supposed to use them erect. The gel coating on the HO2 ensures a good fit from my use of it. Investing in one of Mityvac’s aluminum pumps will ensure you don’t get stuck in one. The release on them is perfect and instantly gets rid of all vacuum inside a cylinder. I was afraid using it with air and was very glad for the release when it started to get painful. Pressure returns to zero in less than a second in an emergency. I haven’t used a Harbor Freight pump so I can’t compare them.

I don’t think you could get stuck for very long in either of his head only cylinders. The diameter would be based on your erect size, and with the ability to get rid of the vacuum it’s only a matter of time until your erection dies down so you can easily get out of it. From the perspective of owning one I think you would have to try to get stuck in it to get the emergency room scenario.

Thanks for the advice,

I have been looking at head cylinders lately but the problem is that I cand find one big enough. I need a head cylinder at least 2” long from the inside, 2” wide in diameter at the largest, and with a 1.5” diameter opening all with the same quick disconnect. If I can’t find something like that I will be forced to create some sort of molded insert for my cylinder that leaved only the head exposed to the vacuum.

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