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Shrinking back to the norm after pumping


Well tonight was a world of difference. I think I pumped correct tonight for the first time. I was erect in the tube and I followed gprent101’s advice and I’m still fat from the session 3 hours ago. Amazing. I don’t expect the gains to stay by morning, but I do think this is promising!!


Way to go!

Nice, Chongo! Keep at it buddy, the gains will come!


I think Chongo’s got it! Free beers all around.



Let me buy the first round!!!

Don’t tell Roussie.

My 1rst month pumping and jelqing

It took me 1 week to learn that “easy does it” produces results in PEing. I read the pumping 101 and got some good ideas, incorporated them and they worked!

My 3rd week into PEing I decided I wanted to include a “long-term” stretch & hold type of method into my routine. I got a Pro-Extender “traction” stretch device and WOW! I had to “learn” how to apply & use it correctly, the directions weren’t descriptive enough as far as how much to tighten the silicon “lasso” tubing. It took a lot of practice to learn how to measure how tight to wear it, and how much pressure to exert on the lengthening rods.

Since then, I’ve made some really impressive gains. I experience no soreness, no ill-side effects whatsoever.

I’m into month 2 now and have recorded a 1/2” BPEL gain and 1/8” gain in my girth. These gains are measured without using any type of PE prior to taking measurements. Using PE techniques I can measure a BPEL 3/4” length gain and 1/4” girth gain. At the moment, I probably fall into the “fast gainer” category.

I’m keeping the “easy does it” mentality, and doing research and applying it.


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