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Should I Pump

Should I Pump

Ok, in another post, I said I wanted to pump.

What I really want is more length, some girth wouldnt hurt, but im much more satisfied with my girth (close to 6”) than I am with my length (5.5”). I have started hanging and have been doing it for about 3 weeks now. Though it does SEEM a bit bigger, I have not measured for the fear of being disappointed, which I have been countless times in the past :( Anyways, I PowerJelq and Hang 5 days a week. I was looking at my hard-on the other day and it looked like the head wanted to almost rip out of the skin or something. Maybe my capillaries, veins, etc just arent stretching or something? Probably totally against any medical reason, LoL, but thats just what I was thinking….or hoping. I thought to myself, maybe pumping will help these guys stretch out and give more room for blood to get in, combined with PJing and stretching, BAM! Hopefully SOME gains!

However, most people record mostly girth gains and not very much length gains. Is it worth spending 120$ on this or should I just stick to my Hanging/PJing routine?

And is my little “theory” right? Probably not….LoL

Since you are now into hanging and haven’t yet given it a whole lot of time to kick in for you I suggest that you stay with hanging for awhile.

We’re all going to be here still months from now to guide you into pumping if you want to do that. For now, though, I think you are in good hands with Bib. A lot of his advocates have made major gains. Give that a chance before you change horses.



Wanna 7.5,

I agree with avocet8. You already have a monetary investment in your powerjelq and BIB hanger. So, you should give these tools a bit more time than 3 weeks to test their effectiveness on your own body. We all have unique responses to our various PE options. Avocet8 and I both achieved initial length gains (1 inch or so) using strictly pumping. But at that time, pumping was the only PE routine that I was aware of. The combination and incorporation of other techniques since then have become even more effective for me over the long haul.

Stay with what you have for at least 3 months and then reevaluate. My thoughts…


Cool….thanks a lot guys

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