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shaving area of connection

shaving area of connection

I’ve seen its been discussed here some time before about how the constant connection with the tube to the skin causes ingrown hairs etc.. does anyone have alternative methods of hair removal apart from shaving which works better to stop this? I’ve heard cream can’t be used in this area because its too sensitive..


Try tweezing. There are a couple of threads about plucking/tweezing. I used to shave, but I think the ingrown hairs were worse, than with plucking. Plucking lasts longer too. Good luck

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Do a google search for a product called Tend Skin. Works pretty good for me.

Stings a little at first (especially on your balls) but does a good job with razor irritation.

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Will see how this Tend Skin stuff works out.. read about the plucking but it must take absolutely ages, and if this stuff simply prevents the ingrowns shaving is so much easier and quicker. Waxing hasn’t got a good response at all on this forum either.


Hair removal cream

I’m using hair removal cream it works great

I’ve heard it can be quite dangerous using it, and most creams dont recommended using it on this area.. Which brand do you use? Does anyone know any which are ok to use?


i use nair for sensitive skin works great for me

I’m using natural formula product but any brand would work fine just make a test on small area before using it to make sure that you are not sensitive to it. There is a warning on all this products not to use it on gentle areas to avoid irritation but if your are not sensitive to it than it will work great .it takes only 3 to 10 minutes defending on the product

I tried tweezing and it does take forever.I’m back to shaving because the Mrs.Chainz8 of the month doesn’t care for hair and I’m very hairy.I simply don’t have the time to tweez all the hair,and let’s not even get into the hair on my ass.Ewwwwwwww!I do get alot of in grown hair and they hurt something awful,so guys let me know how the Tend Skin stuff works out for you.

Apart from causing dry peely skin, excellent.

When you done you can massage your member with moisturising cream to make him happy

Tweezing is definately worth it.

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I use Nair for Men, it works great, with no irritation at all for me, & I use it on my balls & perineum as well as my shaft. I do get quite a few “looks” in the locker room but mostly because of my flaccid hang as it’s at about 5.5” & my waist is 31”. Feel free to PM me if you care to know how I apply Nair & how long to leave it on before I just wash it off in the shower.

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