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Serious question, Can your penis get stuck in the cylinder when pumping

Serious question, Can your penis get stuck in the cylinder when pumping

I want to try a penis pump but I’m worried that when I end up packing the cylinder my penis might get stuck and I won’t be able to remove the cylinder, then I’ll have to go to the ER to get it removed and die of embarrassment. Is this possible? Has anyones penis ever got stuck in the cylinder while pumping? I’m being serious. Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my question.

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I don’t know that I can say that anything is impossible, Hannibal, but it is pretty easy to break the vacuum seal to extricate yourself from the cylinder. A gentle push of a finger at the base where the cylinder meets your body is generally enough.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Lampwick is correct.

But don’t ever put a rigid ring like object around your pecker and then get an erection. You will panic like crazy when you realize you can’t get it off. And you will use every prayer in the book while you anxiously wait for your dick to deflate. In rare instances you will end up in the ER.

I always use lube before going into the cylinder because sometimes my curve will bind up a bit. Even if I’ve packed the cylinder it’ll slide off with a gentle tug. I don’t think there’s a lot to worry about. Good luck.

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I was SO hoping it was a question of getting stuck somewhere else. Reminds me of a dog I had as a kid, that got stuck while doing another dog. They were both trying to walk in opposite directions, to no avail. One would have to walk backwards. I had to catch the bus to school, so I missed the separation.

If you use a pump with a release valve (I use the Harbor Freight brake pump) you’ll never encounter this problem. I occasionally use a smaller cylinder which I fully pack while using a simple ball pump without a safety valve and which also has a fairly thick protective sleeve around the base. After I’ve been in the cylinder for thirty minutes or more, it becomes difficult to remove my engorged shaft. On these occasions I need to insert a finger between the lower side of my shaft and the cylinder wall and press into my shaft, which allows air to be sucked into the cylinder and reduces the vacuum. I need to keep my finger in this position while slowly pulling out my shaft. I sometimes use the handle of my toothbrush in the same manner as my finger.

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