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Seperating Pumping and Jelqing throughout day

Seperating Pumping and Jelqing throughout day

Hi. I am an 18 year old with (probable) venous leak and I am in P.E primarily for erection benefits. I am seeing a urologist tomorrow and I will more then likely get his advice on purchasing a pump as to help improve my erections.

My question is…well I am kind of paranoid about jelqing and pumping at the same time because I dunno I just feel it might do more damage.

So I was thinking…Maybe I could have a pump session in the morning….like on a low level, get an erection for a few minutes…have a break and get flaccid, and then go again for a few minutes….and do this for maybe 5 sets?

And then at the end of the day have a basic jelqing session, warm up, perform jelqs for 10 mins, warm down, then ending with a kegel session. Then the next morning go the vacuum again.

Does this seem like a viable plan?

5 sets of pumping starting off is pretty intense. Try doing just one set in the morning with some light jelqing(3-5) minutes as well as your night jelq routine.

I’d say add another set in a week or two depending on how your penis responds. If you feel any lasting loss in erection strength(it’s common to have slightly weak erections coming right out of the pump, but that should not last too long) or ANY pain, back off immediately and take a few days break.

Go through the threads before making a purchase, the information here is worth its weight in gold…at the very least.

Since you are going to see a urologist tomorrow, I think I will hold off until you tell us what he finds if anything. So let us know.

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