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Semi or hard into tube?

Semi or hard into tube?

I have been reading here a lot about going into the tube at about 75% erection instead of 100%.. There was a long thread on it about pumping and clamping and it made sense to me but I also see threads about going into the tube at full erection

Hard to figure out which is best for gains and would love some input on the subject

I just don’t know if the older threads are gospel or not that talked about going in at less than 100%

Semi or full erection into tube?

I have read a lot of older threads about both ways being the right way but I read an older post about only going into tube at around 75%

Are there any vets here that can elaborate on which is the way to go either less than 100% or at 100%

Well, I go in at 100% because it doesn’t stay that hard the whole time.

My theory with PE is that if you want to get bigger you have to force yourself past your largest size.

I always am 100% while jelqing and pumping.

For me it doesn’t seem to matter much in the end, by increasing the vacuum is will cause the size to go beyond a normal erection anyway, it’s just about the convenience of not having it curl up in the tube while getting the vacuum on. So it’s just easier to go in with as high an erection as possible, nothing else, since at the end you’ll be fully expanded anyway. (I use a water pump if it makes a difference).

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I go in both flaccid and erect.. and I water pump to. It takes longer to achieve erection if you begin pumping flaccid. That’s the only different.

I like it both ways

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