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Selling Venus 2000 works great!

Selling Venus 2000 works great!

Asking $600… the new cost is over $1000 after shipping. You will likely want to buy a new “receiver” which is $40 from (or at the very least some new latex rubber sleeve material to put on it). Runs quiet and works like it did when new.

I have had a few people interested in it but neither decided to buy and/or my price was too high and since I’m currently addicted to using it as a PE tool its no longer for sale. It had been in a storage unit for years and I forgot about it!

It slides up and down but I have it so that with every stroke it basically bumps into me and this creates a decent vacuum. The stroking makes it so my body automatically stays hard… Lately I have been using it for 2 to 2-1/2 hours just to see what the effect would be. I get zero swelling although the skin does seem a bit thicker but I would have a hard time calling it swelling and I get GREAT expansion that I have never got from manual exercise (it lasts for a couple days easily). That said before the marathon session I do bend the shaft in all directions all up and down the shaft with my hands to stress the tissues a bit. I really like how it not only produces a vacuum but can create pressure just by restricting movement of the receiver. IE if I hold it against me so it cant slide up it essentially squeezes the shaft and works the “inner penis” as well. I have no doubt this is going to work really well for girth. I cant see how it could possibly not work for girth and ontop of that I have cialis erection quality but without the cialis!

I’d really like to have some sort of pulsating electric pump, sounds like you can maneuver the receiver to give you something similar. Sounds also like automatic jelqing while under vacuum.

I do believe those long duration cialis quality erections under vacuum are going to help you, either with new growth or cementing new growth from other exercises. And still sounds fun as hell!

Keep us posted on how this goes for you!

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