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Selecting Your Cylinder Size

Hi All and thanks for this great site

I’m planning to add some pumping to my routine. I’m now about 6.7 x 4.95.

Should I buy 1.75 or 2.00” cylinder. I’m focusing more on girth??

Thanks in advance!

Start with a 9”X 1.75” cylinder.

Thanks gprent.

Anyone knows where I could buy quality cylinders from Europe? I can find COLT cylinders 2.25” up even here in Finland, but these are too big for me to start. I’m searching 1.75”. Also I don’t have a credit card so I would like to purchase via bank to bank transfer..

Any help highly appreciated

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Thanks gprent.

How long would someone need to pack a tube before upping their cylinder size?

I’m trying to put together a workout that will maximize my gains.

Originally Posted by MrSmalls
Thanks gprent.

How long would someone need to pack a tube before upping their cylinder size?

I’m trying to put together a workout that will maximize my gains.

When you start packing the tube easily and regularly, you can go for the next 1/4” size up. Then you can incorporate staging into your routine. That’s when you start with your smaller cylinder, pack it and then switch to your larger cylinder and continue your routine. So you might do 2 pump sets in the small cylinder and 1 set in the larger cylinder for instance.

Peace and love guys! … or nothing at all!

PE rules!

P.S.: What a fantastic way to celebrate my 100th post! :)

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I think it\'s amazing, the way that love can set you free...

I just bought a size medium aquarium gravel vac - it’s 2x10 and ought to get me well along the way to my goal - and allow me to leave the opaque days of the caulking cock tube behind. But I have two things to work out — how to blunt the end of it, and how to convert the rather large tube diameter it comes with down to what my Craftsman auto vac pump uses.

I’ve seen the suggestion to use plastic dip on the part that goes against your body, and I’ll head to Home Depot for that (maybe get a cable clamp too) but I don’t know that I want that plastic goop up against me, so I’m thinking once I get a couple layers of that and a comfortable soft ridge built up, I might dip it in bee’s wax. Thoughts?

As for the conversion of tube size, I’ll just go rooting through the hardware store and see what I can find.

Thanks for the advice on sizes.

OK so I answered a couple of my own questions.

When you buy one of those gravel vacs for aquariums, the end of it is very sharp plastic, and you’d cut the hell out of yourself using it as is. Today, I was going to do the plastic dip, but thought I’d try something inspired by my screwing around with sunglasses in the past. I used to buy Rayban wayfarers? Kind of wrap around but not enough for me, so I’d run the bridge under really hot water and gently gently bend them a little more. When they’d cool, the shape would stick.

With the aquarium tube, I filled up the sink with hot hot water, let the tube sit in there a few minutes, then used pliers to gently bend the rim outward a tiny bit. Once I’d got it started, I worked around and around with the handle of a wooden spoon to create a 1/8” rim perpendicular to the tube (sort of like I remember the business end of my old Boston Pumpworks tube). Then I kept going, bending the edge slightly back so the part that’d be against my belly was rounded.

My original plan was to then dip it in plastic dip, but I decided to try it out first as it was, and it actually works great. No need to dip.

I got a converter to downsize the aquarium tubing down to what the automotive vac pump uses and that’s got a tiny bit of leakage, I think. Probably that white tape you use on plumbing will fix it.

Cheap and effective. Attached are a couple photos.

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bent right.JPG
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Well I just ordered a 2 inch tube, and the deluxe pump with PSI gauge from LAP dist.

I wasn’t sure whether to go with the 1.75 or the 2. I measured just about 5 1/4 so I’m going to go with the 2”, if I seem to be having trouble with it, I will buy the 1.75

K I messed up the credit card so I think thats good I need to think about this cylinder a little more.

What are peoples opinions? I measure just shy, maybe an 1/8th shy of 5.25. I am going for both length and girth.

Is 5 1/8 your girth near the base? If so, the 1.75 would probably be best. If your girth near the base is 5 1/4, then you can try the 2.0. I hate these borderline cases. :)

Yeah, it’s a tough decision, but, I think 1.75 is best for me like you said. The 2” tube equates to 6.28” while the 1.75 equates to about 5.5

I think 6.28 is too big of a jump from 5.125. The 5.5 would give me almost a 1/2 inch gain in girth and I think that will take some time.

I am 7” bone pressed, so if I can get an inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth in a few months, then I can move up to the 2 inch tube.

1.75 gives me plenty of room to expand gprent, :D


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