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second day pumping...

second day pumping...

Today was my second day pumping with Kaplan’s Valentine special great but the plastic pump might not last too though..

I was surprised to see that my dick got bigger and fuller in the tube on the second day than the first..seemed quick

I don’t find the feeling to be anything special sexually…I just find it hard to quit because you get to watch your dick get sooo thick and long…damn I hope it stays that way someday! It’s DEFINITELY encouraging to see, even for the short 10 minutes. It will be a very easy routine to stick to, for that reason.

Hey, Guy:

I was wondering if you’d pumped yourself into oblivion.

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No Nukes

I’m in that scary newbie place…PE ing for a month…still don’t know if it’ll work for me….nervous and impatient! lol

It works…just remember; patience, persistance and perseverance

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Hey, fingercrossed and KOG. Welcome to the club.

When you have questions, ask. Lots of accumulated knowledge here among our pumpers.




I’ve been reading through the pumping posts like crazy ever since I ordered my pump. I thought about buying a pump several months ago and talked with you and O Reon (I think I butchered his name) about pumping and what I can expect out of it. I remembered most of what you and others told me, but I couldn’t remember any of the pictures I’d seen. (Being the kind of person I am, I like to know what to expect before I get into it, to keep myself from getting freaked out by something that is normal.) And I asked that question recently and had it answered. It was a wonderful sensation and I loved seeing the way my glans looked. It was even bigger than what it is when I use a cock ring. It was very tempting to stay in the tube longer than a total of ten minutes, but I read your Pumping tutorial and took your advice to heart.

I can’t imagine what it must be like for those men who buy a pump and go at it blind, that is, without ever having visited a forum like this or talking with anyone else who has ever used a pump.

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Been there done that, had a donut for a week, thanks to the Dr. Joel hand pump that is really made by the Doc. Johnston company and not associated in any way with the Kaplan pump, but they do use his name inside the packaging.

Inside their bargain basement hand pump there is a one-page instruction sheet that says you can pump at 10 in hg for up to two hours eventually, but to start off with half hour sets. Like an idiot the first time I stayed in the tube at 10 in hg for 30 minutes. Even now almost 6 months later I still have to baby that tender spot that was compromised.

Luckily you new guys don’t have to go through that thanks to Thunders Place. Wish I’d known about this site before I began.


2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

yes, KOG and I are lucky

We found this site first. BG took me under his wing and is very generous with his time and knowledge. I just can’t wait until I know that PE is working for ME…I know it works for others, but I’m always worrying that I’ll be the unfortunate exception. Guess that same insecurity is what brought me here in the first place! lol

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