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Secjay's supercheap-skate pump project

Secjay's supercheap-skate pump project

Hey fellers;

I decided to try to build a somewhat ‘proper’ pump device thingy, instead of just using a jar and sucking the air out with a tube.

Steps Included:

1) I went and bought a metre of PVC piping, 50mm inner diameter. cost me about 5 bucks.

2) I cut off about 13” for the ‘tube.

3) I cut off a smaller tube, about 8cm across, and cut down one side of the tube.

4) I boiled some water in a saucepan and stuck that smaller, cross-cut tubing in, it melted, I rolled it out flat so it was just like a sheet. I then drew out a circle from the tube circumference on the flat sheet, cut it out, and remelted/flattened it out again.

5) Then I did some sanding.
This stuff is surprisingly easy to sand. took me about 10 minutes to get everything nice and smooth.

6) I drilled a hole in the flat circle ‘end cap’ in it’s center - that is for the clear plastic tubing stuff I have. it’s about 6mm across. The tube fits through nice and tight.

All thats left to do now is epoxy it all together with some “araldite” and I’m away…

I have a whole bunch of tubing left that I can use for other stuff in future projects (PE or non PE related)

I dont think I’ll attach a hand pump, not only can I not afford one, but I think I prefer the precision and control of oral suction ;)
(Doesnt that sound nice and appealing??)

My girth is about 5.7”, but the inner circ is about 6.2”. At least thats a good 1/2 inch I can expand. I’ll just have to try for minimal fluid build up.

I was planning to add in 5 minuite pump ups between my usual squeeze-type activities…

Any help?

Ya know, I’m not into pumping but, I do have a respect for creativity. Example…back in high school….about 7 years ago for me…I made a very scaled down version of a “Potato Gun” that instead of shooting potatoes, was designed to shoot 6” long steel darts that I made from pieces of sharpened metal coat hangers. Any chance of seeing a pic?

Solly SWM, no pikkies possible. :(

Maybe somewhere down the line when I get a digicam….

until then, I could draw diagrams/instructions if more people are interested, but I would be surprised if that hadn’t already been done…

I was looking for a way to remove the colour from the plastic, to make it transparent (that would be preferable so I can see the expansion)

But unfortunately I dont think it’s possible to remove the colouring agents from the polymer strands :( unless….. anyone have more chemical knowhow than a guy who barely passed high school chem??

btw; nice job on the home made weapons. Theyre always a hoot….. :) any pics of THAT?

designed a grenade launcher once, amongst other things, but never built any of it coz Im not stupid (or rich) enough ;)

What you might want to try is a clear Tupperware spaghetti container or something similar. I made my cock and ball tube with one of these…, just drill a hole in the bottom, epoxy your tube in the hole, then cut the center of the top out so you have the outer ring left tomake a comfortable seal. Don’t forget your pressure release if you decide to employ a pump rather than your lips. Even though the plastic is is a little cloudy it’s still transparent enough to keep an eye on things in the tube, which I think is an absolute must because as you get further into the pumping session and you get accustom to the feel of the pressure,if you can’t see your dick you can easily apply too much vaccum and rupture tissue or a vein. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to have to explain that situation to a doctor let alone my wife.

Naw, I dont have pics either I sold the dart gun right after I graduated High School and joined the military.

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