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Scared myself today!

Scared myself today!

Being the incorrigible experimenter that I am, combined with the desire to constantly touch myself…I tried an experiment today. In search of the holy grail of pumping (instant gains!) I went an bought a bicycle inner tube, cut it at about 10” length. I inserted it into the tube and stretched a cuff around the base of the tube. It had a tight diameter of about 1 inch, which got me pretty enthusiastic because I realized I was creating a promising fake vagina (I could only confess that here!). I lubed up the inner tube and tried to enter it. No go! Because it was so tight, I had to be rock hard to get in, which I wasn’t. Next I figured I could place the head of my penis in the opening, and create a vacuum to pull me in. WORKED LIKE A CHARM!!! As a matter of fact, felt tight and slippery….AWESOME!!! Ok, now to try some vacuum…3 in, 5in…8 in hg…felt like nothing! Jelqued it for about 5 minutes up to 10 in hg! Very comfortable, felt great jelqing inside a “rubber vagina” while under vacuum force. Now I was at least smart enough to know that because the tube was open at the end, there would be no compressive force on the end of my penis. I tried to compensate for that by gluing the end mostly closed. For safety sake, now matter how damn good it felt, I quit after 5 minutes….holy cow! The tip of my penis looked like it was blistered! Thank god it wasn’t, but it was red and had the beginnings of lymph building up.
1 You can get into trouble real quick at 10 in hg….duuuuhhhhh!
2 This would probably make a great masterbation device at 2-4 in hg.
3 A bicycle inner tube generates far too much elastic force to allow for any expansion of the penis. Although by leaving the end open, it will give you traction for length, while preventing any increase of girth. (not what I want)

Glad I could bring another way for guys to jack off into the world (my parents would be so proud!)

Lol! I wonder what the Lifetime Achievement award they presented to you would look like?

Personally I’ve never had issues with high vacuum other than edema, but shyed away from the inner tube idea because I wouldn’t be able to see what was going on.

Speaking of which, has anyone tried the catheter for pumping yet?

Great experiment Sparkyx.

I’m curious if a 1.25” or 1.5” diameter inner tube would have been wide enough to allow for expansion.

I think if you could get a 1.5 or 2” tube, and seal the end, it may be a good substitute for condoms. If it isn’t too tight then it could apply the proper counter-force to prevent fluid build up, while allowing expansion.

I figured out how condom pumping works. The vacuum force doesn’t pull the penis, the internal pressure expands the penis. The vacuum just increases the “relative” internal pressure. Just as if you were put into outer space you would expand (explode?) because the internal pressure would no longer be counter balanced by the external pressure. If you were placed at the bottom of the ocean, you would be crushed because the external pressure would greatly exceed your internal pressure. Sooooooooooo, the external force of the condom is enough to reduce the internal fluid pressures on the surface of the penis, enough to diminish the fluid migration to the surface, but not enough to prevent expansion of the deeper tissues. Thats why I thought if you could reduce the surfaces forces enough to use a higher pressure (vacuum) for the deeper structures, you could get faster results. I still think there is validity to that, but I don’t think I want to risk injury to Mr Johnson!

I think the condom (or other restraint) idea still has merit, though I guess there are tolerances that we still haven’t attuned to yet.

I want to try a catheter. Are there any medical type people here that could arrange to deliver me one ‘for a small fee’?

What in the heck do you do with the catheter? Now that really sounds scary!



I’m not technical person, but I think you have nailed it.

The question now is what is most effective (condom, 2 condoms, tire tube, catheter, theraband wrap, something else?) at reducing the expansion of the near skin tissues while not impeding the growth of the internal penis, that which we are really trying to grow.

We all know that the tunica is tough. It could probably withstand much higher pressures than those parts of the penis, the outer tissues, lymh and blood vessels that really limit us from pushing the envelope.


Thanks Tally,

I think if we slowly and carefully expand the perimeters we are using, we can make some real progress into making this a reproducable science. Just have to be real careful with the higher vacuum forces, so no one gets hurt!


Sparkyx. I have been using the bike innertube system ,on and off ,for about 5 years now .The secret is to use the right diameter size innertube ,to the matching right size vac tube .

Bike inner tubes come in several size diameters.If you learn to make your own vac tubes you will end up with a large range of diameters and lengths like I have .Even have some made from glass,[vase with hole in the end for hose]


do you seal the end or leave it open? What kind of results do you get/gotten? What vacuum in hg? How long?



I used an inner tube and found out if you use the mountain bike inner tube it was better. Yeah those rubber vagina the bomb. especially when you use suction

Become one with the pump. See the pump become the pump.

When I first started pumping I used to use a small length of innertube at the mouth of the cylinder to get a better seal and it worked like a charm, even created a bit of a “clamping effect” to aid expansion. Just slide one longer piece of 2” or thereabouts over the lip, and then use a shorter one of 1/2” to hold it in place.

I once tried using a longer length of bicycle innertube in the manner you describe (open ended). Got a really great stretch from it, and I got a really nice pump with very little fluid buildup. It felt fantastic.

Right up until the blister appeared.

Concentrating the pressure on the glans like that is not cool, and so I abandoned the idea immediately and forever. It struck me that at the necessary pressures to get any reasonable expansion of the shaft, the glans (which is far less prone to expansion) is still exposed and taking a relatively inordinate amount of force.

At least in my case, more pressure on the glans than the shaft is always a recipe for a nasty blister and I’m not convinced that there is enough benefit to warrant further experimentation. I’ll be curious to find out if you have any success with this method, and if you do I may just have to take the time to revisit this one (but with far more caution).

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