Conference title

Originally Posted by Josh 14-11
Peforeal, why don’t you and Avocet just have a “Pumping Seminar” in Hawaii? It would be a great trip for most of us, though I don’t know how we’d justify it as a “business expense.”

I’ve read your description here as well as in the other thread, but something’s unclear to me. Are you taping around the entire circumference of the glans/shaft (with “upper shaftskin” in place), only a portion of the circumference, or some other arrangement?

Well, I’ll speak to him about it. Perhaps the trip could be written off under the title:
“Academic,Administrative and Economic Conference on External and Internal Urological Amelioration”. That should cover everybody, no matter what their profession.

The strip of duct tape just crosses from one side of the shaft to the other and over the glans and not necessarily around the shaft. The main point, however you wrap, is to tape the top and bottom of the upper shaft together with the glans tucked under.

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