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Save a Bundle on Pumps!!!

Save a Bundle on Pumps!!!

For anyone thinking of buying a new manual pump…don’t waste your money at those expensive “Penis Pump” sites!!! Shop the auto parts chain stores and SAVE!!

I got a complete MityVacII pump system (identical to what one site calls their deluxe Hydro Pump) for $25 at Auto Zone. This pump lists for between $52-65 at various penis pump sites.

Also picked up an Actron vacuum pump (exactly like what LA Pump calls the BEST pump on the market) for $39 at Advance Auto Parts. I believe they charge $59 for it.

Does anyone know which of the high quality cylinders are best? ACME gets $65 for their standard tube. Dr. Joel Kaplan is now asking $69 for his. And, LA Pump wants $75 for theirs. That seems pretty high for an acrylic cylinder. Any thoughts??

bigjack (won’t be happy until i’ve earned the name!)

I use a fuel bulb/ primer for boat motor. I have enough hose on the open end case I need to pull bit more vaccum like a straw. Sounds odd but it works.

I have so much to learn!!

BIG Future, that is pretty ingenious. Wouldn’t have thought you could pull enough vacuum with a bulb device. I am brand new at this, and have a lot to learn. Been reading all I can about the whole subject of PE…especially regarding equipment. Bought a couple of online PE manuals (before I discovered the free forums), and feel like the pay sites are mostly just rip-offs. Nothing special or unique about any of them…just jelks and stretches and selling add-ons. Thundersplace is TEN times more helpful than ANY commercial site I have seen.

I’m especially interested in stretching, hanging, and pumping at this point. Have everything I need for pumping except the cylinder. Just checked VacuTech, and they are asking $69.95 for the MityVacII pump. I paid $25 for mine (theirs is marked up a whopping 280%)!! So, I am guessing that the $84.95 they want for a flared cylinder ($94.95 for a thick-walled version) is an equally ridiculous mark-up.

Does anyone know where a good quality cylinder can be purchased for less than $65 (the BEST price I’ve been able to find so far)? If so, I’d appreciate hearing about it.


bigjack (I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name)


Skin used to make tubes, and offered to make me one for $30. See this thread. I haven’t bought or made a tube yet.

Try also, Oliver D. Hammock

770 836-1656

He makes and sells a wide variety of pumping equipment. Cylinders start at $30.




Why is every body spending money on pumps.You can get more than enuff vacumn by sucking on the end of the pipe .Put a small plastic tap on the end ,suck on that and turn it to the off possion when you need a rest or reach the right vacumn.

Thank you!!

Thanks for the helpful comments and suggestions, everyone! I have the pump side covered pretty well, but I especially appreciate hobby and avocet8’s cylinder suggestions. I will check those out. Really getting excited about starting to pump, but am trying to be patient as I read all I can and gather the right knowledge and equipment.

You guys are great! This site rocks!

bigjack (won’t be content until i’ve earned the name)

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