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RWG got a pump! Comments please...

RWG got a pump! Comments please...

Went to an adult store this evening and checked out their stock for pumps… Here is what I ended up with…

A) Kaplain tube

B) LA pump (brass with a guage hand pump).

The tube looks to measure about 10 inches by 2.. I wraped a tailors tape inside at the base and came up with 7” with is slightly smaller then I am at the base… My prick goes from 6” directly under the head to 6.5 midshaft and roughly 7.25 right at the base… It’s my hope that combined with my workout, ie. stretch and jelq with some bends thrown in for good measure I can increase my girth under the head and midshaft???? Within about 15 mins at 2 - 4 HG I had the tube packed from the base halfway up. I did my first session for approx 30 mins… Aside from seeing a more pronounced bulge under the head the trout felt great… I conducted the pumping right after my normal PE workout.

I know there is some serious pumpers here and would like their input on what I did this evening (as in does this jive with doing it correctly?)…

I started out my quest nearly 6 months ago over at PE forum and being that there isn’t any pumpers over there I shot over here to get some advice from some vets in this area… I love PE forum and think a great deal of DLD, RB & TT…. Perhaps with some results I can report I could start a buzz over at PE forums…

I’m currently 8.25 NBPEL and 8.5” BPEL while standing… I can pull an easy 9” while sitting with my legs spread and pointing the trout down (straight) but am shooting for a 9” NBPEL standing measurement… All I can say is that it’s going very slow, at least alot slower then some of the progress reports I’ve read from other people…

Thanks for reading my rant….

Good start to pumping


You already have a headstart on both length and girth. Your pumping seems right on track, and you should be working towards gradually getting the “packed” tube further and further up the shaft until right below the glans. With your current size, it won’t take long. Be sure to do dryjelqs and/or squeezes in between pump sessions. This will help to keep the blood circulation moving well and help in cementing your pumping gains over a period of time. Best to you.



I’m not sure if I read it right, but it seems you did only one continues session of 30 minutes?

I think it will be better to break this into 4 sessions of 7 minutes each, with 7 minutes jelqing and squeezing sessions in between each session.

Give it a try.

Doing one long continues session is more likely to result in too much fluid buildup and maybe a donut. Having said that, if your girth is that big that there isn’t that much empty space around your shaft while in the tube, you might avoid fluid more easily.

Lymphatic fluid is something you really want to avoid, it gives you an illusion of added girth, but what you want is more blood, not more fluid.

Experiment with different pressures, I do not go above 5Hg, but I usually pump between 4 and 5Hg.


peforeal and Braker gave you good tips.

For specific girth gains - that is, in a particular area like below the glans where you are aiming, try Uli-type sgueezes concentrated there rather than lower where you are already very thick.

Some guys report a “baseball bat” effect (more girth higher up). You might take a look at what they were doing that might have caused that. In your case this could work to your advantage in creating a uniform shaft shape, bottom to top.

Meanwhile, stay with the tube size you have. You are probably getting a pretty tight squeeze where you pack lower down but this might help give you upper shaft expansion during your pump sessions.

Glad to hear you got around to pumping. I think it’s a terrific adjunct to any PE program.

I read your posts at PEForums on premature ejaculation and the progress you’ve made. This is a very common problem; you might help some guys here. I hope you’ll consider doing a post in our Mens’ Sexual Health Forum on that subject.

Welcome to the Pumpers’ Forum, and give us updates on your progress.



Re: RWG got a pump! Comments please...

Originally posted by regularwhiteguy

…. Perhaps with some results I can report I could start a buzz over at PE forums…

Yeah, we pumpers here in Thunder’s (why does it sound like a beginning of a poem.. again?! :) ) think pumping receives much less attention than it deserves. I hope that after you’ll start seeing the benefits you’ll help us spread the word.


Thanks for weighing in, I was in high hopes you would! I followed Braker and peforeal’s advice and incorporated the pump “into” my PE workout.. Here is the way it played out.

1. Did the regular stretch w/ DLD’s blasters

2. 300 Jelq

3. 10 minutes of the pump @ 2 - 4 HG

4. 200 Jelq

5. 15 minutes of the Pump @ 2 - 4 HG

I tried a pump prior to finding PE Fourm, it was a cheap piece of shit I bought that was so oversized it kept sucking my balls into the tube.. I had read that it would help premature ejaculation and threw it away after a week and thought the whole thing was a joke.. Now that I have a quality system (at least I think I do?) I can say the following about pumping..

A) It feels GREAT!

B) I noticed my girth was different (larger) when I started my PE routine! I’ve been doing PE for nearly 6 months and the girth gain from one session (last night) was significant enough for me to be able to tell after a long day of work… I’ll give it 6 weeks and measure…

C) Damn it’s nice to be able to sit or stand and do NOTHING.. Manual PE is hard fucking work and I usually break a sweat. Pumping ya just let the equipment do all the work LOL… This is gonna get easy to get hooked on if for nothing else the pleasure!

How long can a session last and still be safe? I’ve been keeping it below 5 HG and feel plenty of suction at that level… Can I go for 40 mins? I guess I should read the FAQ LOL..

Thanks guys…

I’m going to post in the sexual forum about PE “Premature ejaculation”…

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