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Round or Elliptical Cylinder for Pumping


Thanks for your comments mate.
I have a 1.75” Colt which tapers to 1.5” at about 7” and this hurts because I squash the head and the table will show an area of 1.77”.
But a straight wall oval 1.5x2.0” oval has an area of 2.36”.

I have done these calculations based on the surface area.
An ellipse surface area is Pi*a*b. This gives a more useful comparison than circumference.
I have decided to try the vacutech 1.5x2.0” oval to give more length stretch.

Type Cylinder Size Radius a Radius b Area
Vacutech 1.25x1.75” oval 0.625 0.875 1.718
Straight 1.50” cylinder 0.750 0.750 1.767
LA pump 1.5x1.875” oval 0.750 0.938 2.209
Vacutech 1.5x2.0” oval 0.750 1.000 2.356
Straight 1.75” cylinder 0.875 0.875 2.405
LA pump 1.75x2.125” oval 0.875 1.108 3.044
Vacutech 1.75x2.25” oval 0.875 1.125 3.093
Straight 2.00” cylinder 1.000 1.000 3.142
LA pump 2.0x2.375” oval 1.000 1.188 3.731
Vacutech 2.0x2.5” oval 1.000 1.250 3.927
Straight 2.25” cylinder 1.125 1.125 3.976
Vacutech 2.25x2.75” oval 1.125 1.375 4.860
LA pump 2.25x2.75” oval 1.125 1.375 4.860
Straight 2.50” cylinder 1.250 1.250 4.909
LA pump 2.5x2.875” oval 1.250 1.438 5.645
Straight 2.75” cylinder 1.375 1.375 5.940

Starting 5.9" x 5.0 (BPEL x G) .. Current 7.0" x 6.0

Goal 7.5" x 6.5"

Anyone using an elliptical cylinder out there lately? I am very interested in getting one as I want to focus on the CC’s and get wider. I have a round shape but my thinking is if I force the expansion to be on the sides and limit the CS I should see more gains in my CC. I am 6” girth uniformly and think that getting a 1 3/4” x 2 1/4” from is the way to accomplish this but want to see if you guys have some input before I drop the $100. Any help and experience shared would be appreciated!

I’ve been using a vacutech elliptical for a good few months now, your idea about forcing the expansion sideways is a sound one.
I notice a difference in width after a session in the elliptical compared to a round tube of the same circumference.

The only issue I’ve had is the tube has started to get very tight at the base top to bottom.
I think with a 6” girth you’ll find the 1 3/4” by 2 1/4” very tight, my base is around 6” and I’m using the 2” by 2 1/2” which has pretty much the same circumference as a 2 1/4” round and it still gets uncomfortable.

I do like the elliptical though, it feels very different to a round tube. Nice to have both.

Thanks Capernicus1. Advice from experience is priceless.

Been a while since I’ve been on the forums but looking to get back into pumping and figured I’d throw my .02 here and don’t think it was brought up in this thread yet.

Pressure is equally forced on an object in a vacuum regardless of shape or volume. You could fit a zig zagged irregularly shaped container over your cock at 3mm/hg or a tube where you barely have any space equally all around it at 3mm/hg and you it have the same effect, your unit isn’t going to come out zig zagged shaped if you put it in the first container. It comes down to comfort and preference I suppose.

cliff notes: round or elliptical, the expansion on your unit is the same.

That’s always been my understanding of vacuum though, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

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The point of an elliptical tube is not to have space evenly round your penis, you ideally want one that fits your size top to bottom then the only way you can expand is sideways.

Lol. My last post on this thread was from 2 years ago almost exactly.

I still haven’t bought an elliptical cylinder but still think there is merit to the idea that limiting the expansion of the CS (that expands quickly but is more spongy) will give the CC’s more of the pressure and cause more expansion there. Obviously that is why they made a shape like this?

Am I totally wrong. Any anecdotal evidence out there?

Also, I cannot find a Leluv cylinder my size on eBay. Anyone have an alternative source?

Lastly, can you water pump with one of these by attaching a hose and valve and using mouth suction?

Originally Posted by gprent

I think you should evaluate the shape of your cock near the base and buy the cylinder that best fits your shape. I think my shape is more circular, so I will stick with my round cylinders.

Gprent thanks for the advise I have an elliptical cylinder but my penis shape is more round than elliptical. I’ll be getting a round cylinder.


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