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Rings, Wraps 'n Water Pumping...

Rings, Wraps 'n Water Pumping...

Fellow pumpers:

I’ve been pumping for about a week now and it (the sensation at least) seems good but I still haven’t gotten any night wood and my flaccid hang doesn’t seem any more impressive than before. After reading Pumping 101 (yes, the whole thread), I have a few questions about cockrings and wrapping…

Today I purchased a few different rings to try out - the 1.5” fits snugly around my semi-erect base, the 1.75” fits well around full-blown erection base. I read posts by sparky and others about heat wrapping helping to retain flaccid girth. My question is, at what erection level do you normally wear the ring if you want to wear it for several hours at a time? As I mentioned, the only way my 1.75” won’t slip off is if I have a full erection. That’s part one of three questions…

Part 2: I went out and bought a 3 pack of those Thermacare heat wraps for arm and neck. It seems like these would fit around my unit and keep it warm for up to 8 hours. The heat is air-activated and that’s good considering I don’t own (or believe in) microwave ovens. Do you recommend I use a ring to keep semi-erect while wrapped or should I just wrap after my cool down with no ring? And should I put a buffer between my unit and the heat wrap or just put it directly on? I know heat is quite important, particularly for those (like me) trying to stave off discoloration. Would you also recommend heating while I pump, as I’ve read some do with either a heating pad or lamp? Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Part 3 - Water pumping. Simple question here - I have the deluxe pump from LAP. I assume this pump is not water compatible? If any of you have used your LAP pumps with water, please advise.

Again - thanks for any and all feedback you can offer.

- faux

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As far as wearing the rings go, I think you are just going to have to experiment on your own to find out what works best for you. I have never had any luck trying to wear cocks rings for long periods of time. Just doesn’t seem to work for me.

I always wrap my cylinder with an electric heat pad when I pump. I think it helps with expansion, it feels good and it keeps condensation from forming inside the tube.

The deluxe pump with gauge is not compatible with water. That other plunger type pump they sell is water compatible. I don’t have any water pumping experience to pass on though.

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