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Right sized tube makes a big difference!

Right sized tube makes a big difference!

For a long time now I’ve owned a 8.5”x2.5” pump which hasn’t been used that often due to issues with comfort. My base girth is anywhere between 5” and 5.5” depending on arousal levels and my pelvis in the pubic area isn’t very flat. As a result when using the 2.5” diameter pump I found my scrotum was being pulled up into the tube and some of the veins and capilliries in my testicles would get pumped which would then cause a nauseating ache in the area where I had surgery to correct varicoceles. In addition to this because of my base girth and uneven fat pad I could never get a good seal and would have to constantly pump to maintain the vacuum. For these reasons I found it hard to stick with a regular pumping routine and I was concerned about my past varicoceles coming back.

Well just recently I got a cheaper smaller pump as a tester and it is amazingly so much more comfortable. The cylinder is roughly 7.5”x2” and I don’t suffer any of the problems with the larger tube except my penis touches the end and forms a small blister on the valve/opening. Coming out of the tube my erection even feels better and is more sensitive. I just wish I knew what sort of difference there would be before I bought the larger pump.

So I dipped into my savings and ordered a 10”x2” cylinder and pump from LA Pump and can’t wait to start a proper routine that doesn’t make me feel like vomitting from the abdominal pain.

I have a few questions which I’m hoping someone will have some answers to:

1. Anyone in Australia ever ordered from LA Pump and if so how long did it take to get from the US to your home?

2. I’m going with a 2” tube which gives a circumference of around 6.28”. If I just use this tube and don’t go up a size, is it safe to say my girth will potentially max out at around 6.25” or would that only happen in a larger diameter tube? I’m not too concerned about going above 6.25” girth (but I wouldn’t complain), I mainly just want to even out the girth along the shaft, get a slightly more cylindrical shape to my penis and gain another inch or so in length.

3. Does anybody make flared pumps in a baseball bat shape?

4. Anyone else wear a cock ring in the pump? I’ve been doing that whenever I pump and post pump it stays a lot more engorged than it otherwise would.

5. Because of the fat pad and abdominal issues, I wonder if there’s a limit one could possibly go to with pumping? With the 2” tube if I move it just slightly in the wrong direction it starts to leak at the base (same as the bigger tube). So I don’t think I can possibly go bigger than 2” without having issues.

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The right size tube makes a huge difference the key thing being how well it fits at the base, too small and you cant get a good erection or expand and too big and you get the problems you describe.

As far as girth to tube ratio I think you’ll find due to soft tissue swelling and the expanding effect of the vacuum you’ll be unlikely to get solid girth the same circumference as the tube your using.

Use the tube you have until the base gets uncomfortably tight then move up.

Also you’ll find if you persevere with the 2” the leaks will stop happening after a few weeks, that’s been my experience anyway.

What caused your varicoceles?

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Originally Posted by bluray
What caused your varicoceles?

No idea.

Just slowly built up over time.

I'm a big fan of 50 Cent, or as we call him in Zimbabwe, four hundred million dollars.

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