Relatively cheap pulsing penis pump

Using a “Y” aquarium fitting connected to a penis tube I attached one end of the “Y” to an aquarium air pump converted to work like a vacuum pump and set to about 1”HG and the other end of the “Y” fitting to a Playtex Petite breast pump. I used the high setting on the breast pump and it gave me a good expansion with the constant change in air pressure. The push cycle of the breast pump really feels weird at first… I did that for about an hour last night when I woke up this morning I had an obvious albeit small increase in size and a HARD erection. The aquarium air pump just evens things out so it doesn’t push too much while the tube rides up and down about an inch and a half (IE: the aquarium vacuum pump is so the breast pump doesn’t push the tube off).

Impossible not to have an erection with this no matter what I do not even dozing off (I can fall asleep through just about anything but a change will wake me up). BTW I have a wall timer to prevent this from going on more than an hour which for me is not pushing limits too much and the sudden change from a running pump to not running wakes me up without fail.

…so a pulsing penis pump can be had for less than $36 depending on what you can buy the petite pump for on ebay! For example the aquarium air pump I converted to use as a vacuum pump cost me about $15 on ebay (whisper 40) and the petite breast pump cost $21. I had the tubing and aquarium pieces I needed but they would have only cost a few extra dollars on ebay coming from china.